Meet the sizzling hot cast of Heartbreak Island

But who’s in it for love and who’s in it for the money?
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It’s set to be the next big reality show coming to our screens. Heartbreak Island will debut on TVNZ 2 on June 11th and in anticipation, the cast line-up has been revealed.

16 singles were sent to a Fijian island to compete for $100,000 prize money and the chance to find love. But the real question is – who is there to find love and who is there for the money.

TVNZ promises there will be “lust, love, tears, laughs, back-stabbing, betrayal and a bucketful of romance.”

Let’s meet the hopeful singles.

Ella Caunter, 20

Ella is a 20-year-old commerce student from Auckland. She describes herself as fun, outgoing and bubbly and is open to finding love on the show.

“I’m just going to let what happens on the show happen and if I fall in love then that would be a bonus.”

She describes her ideal partner as “funny, light-hearted, outgoing and driven. Someone who is passionate about certain things in their life.”

For more on Ella, click here.

Harry Jowsey, 21

Harry is a 21-year-old model and student. He grew up in Australia but with a Kiwi dad has spent plenty of time in New Zealand.

He says he’s been unlucky in love to date, but insists he’s on the lookout.

“I’m hunting it!” he says. “I have a terrible dating record and am hopeless at picking girls, so the show could be my best chance of finding that special someone.”

His deal breakers are “someone who is self-centred or someone who lies. Smoking is also a big deal breaker for me.”

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Gennady Sharpe, 26

Gennady is a self-confessed party girl. A health and safety adviser from Christchurch, she loves life and lives it to its fullest.

She says she is looking for someone ambitious and describes her ideal partner as “funny and sarcastic! I need someone who makes me laugh, is hard working, adventurous and wants to travel.”

For more on Gennady, click here.

Izaak Ryan, 21

At just 21, Wellington based Izaak has wasted no time in getting ahead with his career and works as a pilot.

“People are usually very surprised at how young I am to be teaching people to fly,” he says. “I have always been obsessed with planes and caught the flying bug from a young age – the thought of travelling the world, whilst being paid for it, sounded pretty sweet. I fell in love with the most amazing office in the world.”

He describes his ideal partner as “someone who is able to have a good laugh. Good chat is a must! I love a girl who is able to step outside her comfort zone and be adventurous.”

And turn-ons? “I’m a sucker for nice eyes! Gym tights and an accent do it for me too.”

For more on Izaak, click here.

Georgia Bryers, 23

Georgia is a graphic design student from Wellington.

“Getting my heart broken at 16 taught me that I’m the creator of my own happiness,” she says. “I’m not searching for love coming into the show, but I am looking for something a bit more serious.”

She describes herself as “hard working, caring and thoughtful,” and says she has never been in a serious relationship.

Her ideal partner would be “someone that is genuine, caring, driven and communicative.”

For more on Georgia, click here.

Josh Connolly, 26

Josh is a 26-year-old ex-army serviceman now student from Auckland.

He describes himself as ambitious, fun, loyal, and says he’s definitely looking for love on the show.

He says his ideal partner would be “loyal, funny, not too serious, ambitious and someone who brings out the best in me.”

For more on Josh, click here.

Kelsey Odell, 24

Kelsy is a flight attendant from Wellington. A former Miss Universe NZ contestant, she loves anything to do with fitness and travel.

“I was extremely shy back in my school days but my pageant experience really helped bring me out of my shell,” she says.

She describes her ideal partner as “someone who is genuine and LOYAL! A guy who is well mannered, with a good sense of humour gets me going. Guys who are thoughtful and romantic also tick the boxes. Someone who is athletic and enjoys fitness is a MUST! A cute smile would be a bonus. Geez am I asking for too much?!

Is she there for love? “I am definitely open to the idea. I wouldn’t mind walking away with the $100,000 as well as the possibility of finding love.”

For more on Kelsy, click here.

Joshua Fankhauser, 26

Joshua is a 26-year-old event manager and DJ from Auckland.

“Since I was 15 I’ve spent my life in various long term relationships,” he says. “After being single for about a year I felt like I was ready to share my life with someone again. Coming into the show, I thought worst case scenario is I get a free holiday and best case scenario is I might get a new girlfriend and a free holiday! So we’ll see how it goes.”

And the most surprising thing about him? “I used to be a topless podium dancer in the clubs in London!”

For more on Joshua, click here.

Ruby Mills, 21

The 21-year-old dental assistant from Christchurch admits she can be a bit of a “princess.”

She says she’s “not looking for love” on the island “but I am open to the idea of meeting someone.”

Her turn ons? “Guys that wear Ugg boots!”

For more on Ruby, click here.

Julius Bennett, 25

Julius is a project manager from Auckland and says he is “100% looking for love.”

“I’m at a time in my life where I would be open for a long-term relationship. Although scary, I see this as a once in a lifetime experience and the opportunity to meet someone special. I know if I fall for someone on the show, I’ll fall pretty hard.”

He describes his ideal partner as “someone with strong family values, a beautiful smile, who loves to travel and has passion and drive.”

For more on Julius, click here.

Shayna Maunder, 28

A dental assistant from Tauranga, Shayna has her motorcycle license and loves wakeboarding and snowboarding.

“My ideal partner would be someone kind, with a good sense of humour and who is adventurous,” she says.

And as for relationship deal breakers, “cheaters! And someone who doesn’t love dogs. I mean, who doesn’t love dogs?”

For more on Shayna, click here.

Kristian Barbarich, 25

Kristian is an entrepreneur from Auckland who describes himself as “genuine, loving and elusive.”

When asked why he applied for Heartbreak Island, he said “A long time ago I passed up an amazing opportunity to go to Harvard University with rowing. Partly due to the fear of stepping outside my comfort zone, part fear of change, I let it slip by.”

“Rather than regretting that for the rest of my life, I decided to use it as a lesson and take all opportunities that come my way and run with them. Being on the show was one of those oportunities I couldn’t say no to.”

And what is he looking for in a woman? “My ideal partner would have very strong family values. They’d be driven, ambitious and independent – I’d love her to have a job or hobby she’s incredibly passionate about.”

For more on Kristian, click here.

Tiffany Temple, 22

Tiffany is a 22-year-old nurse from Hamilton.

When asked if she was looking for love on the show, she replied “the ultimate prize for me would be to win the money, find love and then we can buy a house together and can live happily ever after.”

The most surprising thing about her? “Most people think I’m a real town girl by looking at me but I love being outside and doing anything adrenaline-seeking!”

And her ideal partner? “They’d be honest, loyal, outgoing, confident, funny and smart. I need a real man, not a pussy!”

For more on Tiffany, click here.

Stacy Smyth, 23

Stacy is an engineer from Dannevirke.

He describes himself as an “over-achiever, natural at everything,” and “charming.”

Is he looking for love on the show? “I’m definitely looking to settle down. I thought this would be the chance to find someone genuine and nice.”

And turn-ons? “Someone who is driven to succeed and knows what she wants. A nice smile is an added bonus!”

For more on Stacy, click here.

Weiting Shyu, 22

Weiting is a harpist from Auckland; not an occupation you see every day!

She is looking for “a man who can keep me on my toes. Looks fade but I do believe physical attraction is a good starting point. If they are tall, that helps. My ideal partner would be family oriented, driven, kind, loyal, funny, cheeky and intelligent all while having strong values and morals. Does such a man exist?!”

For more on Weiting, click here.

Tavita Karika, 29

Personal trainer Tavita splits his time between Christchurch and Australia and is looking for a “rad girl” who can make him laugh.

He is sporty and passionate about using health and fitness as a way to help children in less fortunate circumstances.

Something people might be surprised to learn about him? “I played NBL for the Southland Sharks and I played QBL for Maroochydore Clippers.”

For more on Tavita, click here.

Heartbreak Island will premiere on Monday 11 June and airs Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights at 7.30pm on TVNZ 2. And for the steamy scenes that couldn’t be aired on primetime TV, uncut versions will air on Friday nights at 9.30pm on TVNZ 2 and on DUKE.

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