Heartbreak Island: Why do people sign up for reality TV dating shows?

The beautiful people of Heartbreak Island reveal their reasons for signing up for the show.

By Alex Blackwood
Reality TV shows are notoriously catty, fickle and, well, heartbreaking. So we couldn't help but wonder what went through the surprisingly sane Heartbreak Island contestants pretty-little-heads.
Not all of them have spoken up, but a good few have given their reasons. And some have better reasons than others. Either way, we are just stoked to get an answer to the age-old question: "Why do people sign up for reality TV dating shows?"


"The ultimate prize for me would be to win the money, find love and then we can buy a house together and can live happily ever after."


"I've been on a sh*tload of first dates this year. I've probably been on, like, 30 to 50 dates but nothing special."


"What am I doing on a dating show? I'm broadening my horizons. It's a small, small pool of people in Auckland."
"Being on the show was one of those oportunities I couldn't say no to."


"I have a terrible dating record and am hopeless at picking girls, so the show could be my best chance of finding that special someone."
"My role here is to lock down a mint chick and cause havoc."


"Coming into the show, I thought worst case scenario is I get a free holiday and best case scenario is I might get a new girlfriend and a free holiday! So we'll see how it goes."


"I thought this would be the chance to find someone genuine and nice."


"If I find love and I find a boy that's awesome. I'm not here for the money."


"I wouldn't mind winning the hundred K. And also potentially find love."


"I cant wait. Its gonna be, like, beaches, money, love plus the chance to humiliate myself on TV? Sign me up."


"When I was 16, I got my heart broken and it taught me that I'm the creator of my happiness, so I haven't had a serious relationship yet. Maybe this is my chance?"


"I see this as a once in a lifetime experience and the opportunity to meet someone special. I know if I fall for someone on the show, I'll fall pretty hard."