Heartbreak Island 2nd episode recap: Partner swaps, betrayal and black outs

The first episode introduced us to the contestants. The second kicks it up a notch - and the drama is real.
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Which two girls ditched their guys to hop into bed together? Which couples chose to part ways and which couple is already dabbling with the “L” word? It is only the second episode but already we’re reeling from all the drama.

Episode one was an intro but now the couples are getting to know each other, deciding who they like, who they don’t, and who they have their eye on. The game has well and truly begun.

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Establishing the sleeping arrangements

The episode starts with the newly matched couples moving into their bures. There is a lot off oohing and ahhhing at the housing.

Yet with the move in we also find out that most of the “couples” will be sleeping in separate beds.

“Either he sleeps on the couch or I sleep on the couch. I feel like we will come to something that we are both comfortable with” muses Weiting.

One of the cosy bures

Harry volunteers to “be the gentleman” and take the tiny single bed (even if his 6’5″ frame does NOT fit on it) so Kelsey can have the double and we’re low-key impressed with his chivalry.

Kelsey isn’t convinced; “I hope I get to change.”

Josh hopefully points out that the bures shower has “room for two” but Tiffany shoots him down pretty quickly with a not so subtle “don’t get any ideas.”

Harry trying to fit on the couch

“Sharing a room together; definitely a good way to have a bit more of a chat and get to know her a bit better.” Julius, you are too wholesome.

Shayna and Stacy squabble jokingly over which side of the bed to take – “let’s not have our first argument” Shayna quips. Looks like no one on the couch in that bure!

Adorably(?), Georgia has ditched Julius to sleep in the same bed as Ella who is still upset at being the least popular girl (and fair enough!). Kudos to Georgia – nothing better than a sleep-over to cure any boy-drama-based-feelings. Our question is, where did Tavita go?

Drinks on Cloud 9

The contestants hop back on the boat for a trip to Cloud 9; a floating bar and pizzeria. Ella says this venue was “on her bucket list” and we can see why!

They jump off the boat and swim to the bar for a few, as Harry calls them “sippy-lalas” (Is that an Australian thing? No? Just him?) and a challenge is announced: the boys will be designing cocktails to reflect their partner’s personality.

The girls sit by eating pizza and chatting while the boys are busy behind the bar – and this being on reality TV thing doesn’t look so bad after all.

Gennady reflects that Joshua’s cocktail “looks like sludge and everyone said they chose the colours of their cocktail to match their beautiful, bright partners and mine’s brown. So… cool.”

“But!” Joshua says, “its got a bit of coffee in it coz she’s a good kick in the ass and she keeps you going” which we think might be a compliment in Joshua land?

The boys working on their creations behind the bar.

Izaak slurs his words a little as he makes a little picture out of fruit on the top of his cocktail. “I’m making Ruby‘s beautiful hair and face. I’m gonna call it sunshine.” All the girls coo over that one. Nice one, Izzy.

Joshua introduces his Georgia-themed cocktail as “the Georgia Saucy. It’s got a bit of tequila in it. Tequila’s got a bit of a bite.” He takes away the win. Sipping a vino at home, we note that there has been two challenges so far and Julius has won both of them.

Josh notes that “everyone is chucking in a couple more shots of spirits than maybe is recommended so shit is about to get wild.”

He isn’t wrong.

The boat trip back to the island

On the boat back Harry assesses that there are “few people jumpin’ round and having a look at what’s on offer” – which makes it sound like a farmer’s market in a bouncy castle.

Poor Izaak, as Josh foreshadowed, is not in a good state. He is all but carried onto the boat, unable to walk on his own.

“On the boat ride back I was looking after Izzy for a while.” says Ruby. “I made sure Izzy was OK then the boys started looking after him, I don’t feel like I ditched him.” Uh oh.

Cut to Ruby and Kristian talking – but their faces are reallllly close together so that they are pretty much touching.

Again with the spot on analysis, Josh observes that “drama is happening. Ruby left Izzy coz he is out cold and she’s over here with Kristian. They’re pretty tight. Looking pretty cosy.”

At this stage, Julius is holding Izzy up over the side of the boat in a scene that would look a bit like that scene from the Titanic if Izaak wasn’t vomiting.

Weiting isn’t fussed about Kristian flirting with Ruby – as Kristian revealed earlier, “5 minutes into our first conversation, Weiting and I, I just said, straight up, look, we are way too similar.”

When they finally get back to the island, Weiting and Harry walk back to her bure with their arms around each other: “Me and Weiting have unreal sexual chemistry and anything can happen” he says.

Stay or stray

The next morning, Kristian goes into Izaak’s room and tells him that he and Ruby are keen on each other. Izzy knows when to throw in the towel and is very chill about Mr. Steal Your Girl stealing his girl.

“It just goes to show that alcohol can definitely bite you in the ass” laments Izzy. We can’t help but agree – we’ve all been there.

The hosts announce that the couples are “getting a second chance to find a better match on the island.” The contestants have a choice – they can stay with their current match or stray and “take the opportunity to choose a new partner.”

The couples go up and privately choose whether to “stay” with their partner or to “stray” and be part of the “passion play” partner reshuffle.

Amazingly, All the couples are on the same page as their partner on whether to stray or stay. Except Gennady and Joshua. She chooses stay and he chooses stray. She is NOT happy.

Gennady chose stay, while her partner Josh chose stray.

The only couples who stay together are Tiffany and Josh and the more and more adorable Shayna and Stacy; “I am mainly looking at Shayna. I just adore her. I just love everything about her and I can’t wait to grow as a couple.” Awww! L-bomb already, Stacy!?

The rest of the couples split – and go on to the passion play. They get to choose partners from the remaining in the order of the original popularity rankings. A wheel deciding if the guys or girls get to choose. If you are chosen, you cannot refuse.

The wheel lands on guys so Kristian chooses first. He chooses Ruby, his initial first choice. No surprises there.

Izaak (no sign of a hangover) chooses Ella. “I think that shows just how poor online dating is. It just hides all that personality, all that character that people have and show in person” he says about her not being picked in the initial online-profile led rankings.

Then it is Harry’s turn to choose. After his admission of their “cheeky kiss”, and “unreal sexual chemistry” as well as their sleeping in the same bed, it looks like he will pick Weiting.

He doesn’t. “Being a savage, I just think I’ll stir the pot just that little bit more.” He chooses Georgia and Mark asks why. “Big ol’ booty! Yeah, nah she’s a top chick.”

Weiting is “blindsided that Harry picked Georgia over me.” Joshua picks her and she looks pretty happy with that.

Julius picks Kelsey because they have “a lot in common.” and ” Sensible boy – and good on her because he has won both of the two challenges so far!

Tavita, being last again, gets put with Gennady. He isn’t unhappy about it but he hasn’t actually got to make any choices yet. “It would be nice if I got to choose my partner in crime.”

Don’t we all, Tavita. Don’t we all.

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