Married At First Sight Australia 2018 stars: Where are they now

We check back in with the stars of the most controversial season yet to find out who's loved-up and who's arriving solo to dinner parties.
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For almost three months we became completely invested in the lives of the Season 5 ‘bides’ and ‘grooms’ of Married At First Sight Australia. We loved them, and at times we loathed them. We cringed when Dean “hit it and quit it” and we recoiled in our chairs when the grooms discussed swapping wives. But nevertheless we were desperate to see how their ‘marriages’ would pan out.

MAFS Australia Season 5 brides

Some of these blushing brides plans to walk down the aisle again!

Three months have passed since the reality show’s finale and we’ve been wondering: Where are our MAFS stars now, and most importantly who are they dating, since every Season 5 marriage ended in divorce!

Here we check back in with the reality TV gang to find out who’s loved-up and who’s arriving solo to the dinner parties.

John Robertson

It wasn’t meant to be for MAFS couple John and Melissa.

We had all so hoped that single dad, John Robertson had finally found true love in his second time down the Married At First Sight aisle. But shortly after the show finished, John and his TV bride Melissa Walsh announced their split.

Yet, it appears John, 54, has indeed found love outside of the reality series, with a youthful blonde woman. Fellow Season 5 groom Troy Delmege took to Instagram recently to post a picture from a night out with former MAFS stars. Sharing a picture of himself, John, Patrick Miller and Sean Thomsen, Troy praised John’s new relationship.

“Great to see some familiar faces around Melbs and congrats to @john_robertson_1962 on his new romance… They are lovely together ❤️❤️ (P.S. Carly is in Adelaide for the weekend).”

Little is known of the unnamed woman who has captured John’s heart but we’re thrilled for him and can’t wait to see how it unfolds.

New love! John and his new girlfriend, with the MAFS boys.

Melissa Walsh

Her TV hubby may have moved on, but don’t feel sorry for Melissa — she’s never been more in love!

Two months after from her ‘divorce’ from John, the Mornington Peninsula-based mum fell head over heels for Fred Whitson, a navy musician and artist.

“I interviewed Fred for his work as a local artist and we really hit it off,” journalist and young-at-heart grandma Melissa told Woman’s Day.

In a super exiting update, Melissa and Fred got engaged in December.

“When the man you are in love with proposes, you say “yes” #love #solucky #hellyes,” Melissa penned alongside the announcement on Instagram.

Fred was equally as over the moon. “She said ‘Yes’ #engaged #headoverheels #luckyme #madeforeachother,” he gushed.

Charlene Perera

While Charlene’s career is going from strength-to-strength, her love life has hit a slump after her break-up with MAFS husband Patrick Miller.

Speaking to NW at the Australian TV awards the Logies, the Hush Puppies ambassador spilled on her unlucky love life.

“I’m back on the dating apps,” she revealed. “I was seeing someone for a little while but not anymore.”

“Things just haven’t been working out for me, but we’ll see what happens. I’m going to try my luck with one of the other 13 million men that aren’t on MAFS this time.”

Patrick Miller

Charlene’s ex, Patrick Miller also appears to be single after he joked on social media that a picture of himself with a female friend could have been misinterpreted as something a little more romantic.

“The woman with no face? Nah that’s just my mate,” he wrote on Instagram alongside the snap.

The Season 5 sweetheart has been a busy man recently, he told NW he’s been learning a new language — Tagalog, his mother’s native language — as well as attending charity events.

Patrick also hinted that he may be heading abroad to chase a new career path!

“There’s also a plan to go overseas for some modelling gigs,” he told us.

Good luck, Patty!

Davina Rankin

The Married At First Sight experiment was a roller-coaster for controversial wife Davina. But just months after the dating show aired, the brunette beauty is ready to head down the aisle again!

The social media influencer and her cafe owner boyfriend Jaxon Manuel are already planning to marry next year. Telling The Daily Telegraph Davina hinted at a possibly date for the nuptials saying, “Probably June or July next year.”

Davina said her failed TV marriage to Ryan Gallagher hasn’t deterred her from saying ‘I do’ again.

“I have been married once, I feel like I could do it again with the right guy.

Ryan Gallagher

It seems while Davina is getting ready to settle down, Ryan Gallagher is doing the complete opposite! NW recently reported the Married At First Sight star was bragging about being “taken” by Sophie Monk. Then just recently at the Logie awards, he was reportedly spotted ‘putting the moves on another reality star – Love Island beauty Cassidy McGill.

Still, it didn’t stop him catching up that same night with his ex Davina and the man she ‘cheated’ with, joking in the Instagram post below that he was the third wheel.

Ryan’s an amazing guy and we’re sure whoever he chooses to settle down with will be a very lucky woman indeed.

Dean Wells

Dean’s life certainly looks a little different after MAFS. The Sydney-based Creative Director has been spotted about town at swanky affairs and film premieres.

While it’s unknown if Dean’s love-life has taken off since his dramatic split from Tracey Jewel, the 40-year-old was snapped at dinner with his arms around model Elouise Bissett in April.

What we do know though, is that Dean is still in touch with his ex-wife Tracey, despite their tumultuous relationship which ended with Dean confessing his love and Tracey running into the arms of fellow MAFS castmate, Sean Thomsen, before their subsequent break-up.

“She [Tracey] actually texted me earlier to wish me luck and says she hopes I have a good day,” Dean told Yahoo 7 on the Logies red carpet.

“So we chat a little bit. It’s a shame she couldn’t be here,” he added before explaining that Tracey didn’t get an invite to join her co-stars on Australian TV’s night of nights.

Dean has also recently opened up about how finding God has helped him through the tough times he faced on the show.

Tracey Jewel

Tracey Jewel has been a busy woman these days. Soon after she split from fellow MAFS contestant Sean Thomsen, Tracey reconnected with her ex-boyfriend Patrick Kedemos, 45, a venture capitalist. And it’s serious, with Tracey telling Woman’s Day they will be moving in together after a holiday in Spain and Italy in July.

Tracey revealed that she applied for MAFS as a way to get over Patrick. “It was hard for him to watch the show,” she told Woman’s Day. “But he was really proud of how I handled myself. After I broke up with Sean, I bumped into him in Cairns and we spent six days together. He said he knew that I’d always come back to him and I’m so glad that I have.”

The brunette beauty has a new book (Don’t Mess With The Goddess). And she has a new motivation in life: campaigning to stop violence against women.

Sadly, it wasn’t happily ever after for Tracey and Patrick. After a whirlwind few months they broke up in August during a European holiday gone wrong.

Jo Mcpharlin

Jo is looking fabulous in her post-MAFS life.

The single mum recently underwent a stunning makeover, and she’s look ready to hit the dating scene again, recently telling Now To Love “My love life non-existent at the moment, still very single, still looking.”

With her new look, we have our fingers crossed the bubbly blonde will make a MAFS comeback in a future season, after all, she did once say, “I would do it all again in the blink of an eye.”

Jo is looking fabulous! She won’t be single for long.

Troy Delmege and Carly Bowyer

They were the couple we just had to see to believe! After their respective on-screen marriages ended, Troy and Carly discovered love was waiting for them on the other side of the dinner party table.

The unlikely pair confess they’re completely in love, are planning to marry and see kids in their future.

And despite facing intense speculation as to whether or not their union was real, other MAFS stars have gushed about how loved-up they are, with Jo recently saying “They’re totally loved-up. You look at them and your heart just melts.” Even expert John Aiken agreed, saying “they’re loved up and happy as anything.”

Sadly, it wasn’t to be, and in August, after much speculation, Troy and Carly confirmed they had split up.

No one saw this relationship coming!

“We’ve had an incredible 9 months together and it hurts to walk away from,” Troy said in an Instrgram post.

“I knew way back when we met at the first dinner party that Carly was a special girl. She captured my heart in so many ways… She was my rock during the experiment and has been ever since… I’ll treasure the memories forever… Carly, I wish you all the happiness in the world. Xx”

Ashley Irvin

Troy’s former ‘wife’ Ashley briefly hooked up with Carly’s former ‘husband’ Justin after the show finished filming. Confused? We are too. But the relationship was short-lived.

Flight attendant Ash says she’s “still single” but was keeping an eye out.

“Maybe I’ll meet my husband here (at the Logies) tonight, hopefully,” she told the Now To Love team on Australia’s night of night’s. “I want to be a WAG,” she laughed.

Here’s hoping she can find her night in shining armour. Or someone who is at least a better match for her than Troy was.

Justin Fisher

He kept his cards pretty close to his chest while he was on the show, and not much has changed for our favourite ice-cream loving millionaire since filming wrapped.

Apart from his steamy post-show hookup with Ash, Justin has remained a bit of an enigma. He’s been spotted in New Zealand a few times and was recently pictured with our very own acting royalty Temuera Morrison. But apart from that, well, your guess is as good as ours. It’s safe to say he’s still all about the ice cream though.

Sarah and Telv

They were the love story of the season, and fans were willing them to stay together. But sadly, at the end of March, Sarah Roza and Telv Williams split.

While things seemed amicable at first, it soon became a case of he said/she said as each fired shots back at one another. By July, it seemed like all-out-war as Telv accused Sarah of cosying up to his ex – the mother of his children.

“That was the final straw for me,” he said. “I want Sarah to move on, stop talking about me to the media and stay away from my children,” he says.

Just two months after his split from Sarah, Telv found love again with a new woman – Maddie Carolan.

By August, however, Telv was single again and reportedly back looking for love on Tinder.

Meanwhile, Sarah lost 8kg following her split with Telv, debuting her ‘revenge body’ on Instagram.

And then, in August, came the most exciting news of all – Sarah was making steps to finally realise her dream of becoming a mother.

In a post to Instagram, she announced that she was undergoing IVF.

“The next chapter in my life & undoubtedly the most important,” she wrote. “I’m beyond excited! #future #exciting #empoweredwoman #sohappy #blessed #grateful #allthesingleladies #ilovescience.”

We sincerely hope her baby dreams come true!

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Gabrielle Bartlett and Sean Donnelly

Just when you thought the partner swapping had ended, Gabrielle Bartlett and Sean Donnelly were romantically linked. Gab, who was married to Nasser Sultan, and Sean, the ex of Jo McPharlin, reportedly got very close at co-star Ryan Gallagher’s comedy gig in Adelaide on May 19.

They were spotted getting cosy again in June during an unofficial MAFS reunion, but Sean has publicly denied any romantic involvement, saying the speculation was hurting his chances of hooking up with other women.

We can’t keep up with all the partner swapping!

Nasser Sultan

Nasser was quite the character on the show! From insisting that he wanted a woman with painted toenails, to his incessant cleaning habit, he was never short of making a headline or two.

Nasser has kept up the publicity appearances since the show finished airing, and he’s also been in the headlines. Back in April he was spotted out and about with another man, prompting speculation about his sexuality.

“My sexuality is a private matter,” Nasser told Woman’s Day during a visit to New Zealand in May. “I’m still looking for a woman, but maybe you could say I’m dabbling. I live in a gay community, and I love that my neighbours bake me scones and give me the best perfume advice. If people are going to say I’m gay, so be it.”

Never shy about putting himself out there, he’s often pictured out and about on the social scene with a bevy of ladies. But we’re yet to see him with that one spacial lady.

To find out what our favourite couples from previous seasons are up to now, click here.

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