MAFS’ Patrick and Charlene have split following the final commitment ceremony

They vowed to give their relationship a shot when it came time to re-commit, but it's not happily ever after for one of this season's favourite pairs.
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Another match by the experts has bitten the dust. While Charlene Perera and Patrick Miller re-committed to each other in the final commitment ceremony, viewers of the reunion special, to screen on New Zealand television this week, noticed they didn’t look especially loved up.

And if Charlene’s latest post on Instagram is anything to go by, there will be no happy ending for the couple.

Charlene has posted on her Instagram account a farewell to Married at First Sight and while her language is a bit vague, her use of past tense when referring to her relationship with Patrick, and then signing off “Love awaits…” makes the message pretty easy to work out. It’s all over.

“That marks the end to a truly amazing once in a lifetime experience!! @pattymiller_mafs we did so well, what an amazing team we were,” she writes.

“Thank you for this incredible ride – looking forward to a lifetime of friendship. I cannot even begin to thank the weird and wacky people that came on the ride with me… you guys are so much fun and there are some friendships that I know will extend beyond a lifetime.”

It went on to thank cast and crew, family, friends and so on and then finished with this: “After all of this I will always still say yes to new adventures!!! Love awaits…”

Meanwhile, Charlene’s “ex” has refused to confirm or deny their relationship status. During an interview with Kyle and Jackie O on KIIS FM today, Patrick dodged the question, saying only that he has “many potential candidates”.

And, to add to the intrigue, Patrick has now also closed his Instagram account.

Charlene and Patrick at the reunion show. Apparently they didn’t speak to each other after that.

It will be interesting to see what Patrick’s “tiger” mum, the ever-dominating Ruby, will have to say about the break-up – which of course she predicted from the start.

Ruby has become an Insta hero in her own right and in her latest post (below) started lobbying for a position on the expert couch. “Thinking I should join the panel of experts next year. Might get a better success rate.

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