MAFS’ Sarah and Telv are at war over his children: Telv speaks out

They were the dream couple on Married at First Sight Australia, but Sarah and Telv are at war again as the former bride makes a play for Telv's kids.
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It really was love at first glance for Married At First Sight stars Telv Williams and Sarah Roza, and for four weeks after saying “I do” while filming the reality show last October, things were going from strength-to-strength.

“I was attracted to her immediately, and in those early days, she seemed like my ideal girl,” says Telv.

But things came crashing down after the couple’s tumultuous on-screen dinner party with Telv’s family, where a heartbroken Sarah revealed she felt emotionally abandoned by her man.

“Things have gone from bad to worse ever since,” says Telv, 34, who called it quits with Sarah back in January before the series went to air.

In a revealing interview with NW magazine in Australia Telv has dropped more than a few bombshells.

Sarah and Telv were smitten from the moment they first laid eyes on each other.

“Sarah flew to Perth to look up the mother of my children”

Telv has now warned Sarah to stay away from his children, who live in Perth with his babymamma ex Amy, after Sarah recently paid them a surprise visit!

“For some reason, Sarah decided to fly to Perth [from Melbourne], look up the mother of my children and go pay them all a visit,” Telv revealed to NW.

“They met for breakfast and she even painted my daughter’s nails!”

“I don’t hate her,” Telv says of his ex Sarah, who he shared happy times with.

Telv says he has “no clue” why Sarah initiated contact with his ex-partner, but after he was told over the phone that Sarah was around, he felt there was no choice but to issue her a strong warning to keep out of his life.

“That was the final straw for me. I want Sarah to move on, stop talking about me to the media and stay away from my children,” he says.

“Why would someone do that? We broke up at the start of the year – and we both found other partners.”

The MAFS groom has moved on and is in a new relationship with Maddie Carolan.

Indeed, Telv says he had hoped they’d finally be able to move on with their lives when they each formed new relationships – Telv with Maddie Carolan, and Sarah with James Stephens.

However, Sarah had other ideas. She was still reportedly heartbroken over what had happened between her and Telv – and she wanted answers.

“There were times where he wouldn’t come home,” she says, claiming that Telv lived with her at her home in Melbourne from December to February.

“It was quite hard because the public loved us – we were Australia’s sweethearts, and people still come up to me today and say, ‘We wish you two had of worked out.’ It’s forever there.”

“I’m terribly disappointed that she’s so angry with me and goes out of her way to bring me down all the time,” says Telv of Sarah.

This is just another setback for Sarah, who recently discussed her history of abusive relationships.

“Bones heal, bruises disappear, but the emotional stuff brought me to my knees,” she said in an interview last month.

“Towards the end, [one partner] called me a ‘f—ing fat c—‘. I could get a million compliments, but that’s what will stay with me.”

“We had our arguments, but never a finger was raised”

Now, Telv feels he needs to set the record straight.

“People have been contacting me asking if I’m the one who bashed Sarah!” Telv tells NW, pointing to the time Sarah said on national radio, “I hope [Maddie’s] taking some pre-emptive self-defence classes – just in case she ever speaks up or stands up for herself.”

“We had our arguments, but never a finger was raised,” Telv insists. “I’m also really hurt and offended at the implication that I might be one of the ex-boyfriends she said abused her in a recent domestic violence story!”

WATCH Telv and Sarah in happier times. Relive Sarah and Telv in happier times. Post continues after the video…

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What’s more, Telv claims Sarah’s allegations that he was “sponging off her” and owed her $420 are untrue.

“To say I owe her money is ridiculous,” Telv says, claiming he paid for every dinner or night out they shared. “And I never contributed to rent because I only stayed at her house in Melbourne twice – for two one-week periods – on invitation.”

The father of two says they both tried hard to stay together for the sake of MAFS, but the respect had gone after Sarah allegedly threw all of his belongings onto her driveway during one argument.

Now, with no signs of a truce, Telv is more stressed than ever. “I hate that I have to defend myself like this,” he shrugs.

“We’ve been through such a unique experience together and it’s a pity that it has come to this. I’m no angel, but I’m also not the monster Sarah makes me out to be.”

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