Has Married At First Sight’s Nasser moved on with a man?

What are these latest pics telling us?
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It looks like the Married At First Sight experts missed a trick when matching Nasser Sultan with ex-wife Gabrielle Bartlett – that he, er, may have preferred to have had a husband instead.

As NW‘s exclusive pictures show, the 51-year-old singleton seemed to be having the time of his life on an intimate date with a mystery man on April 4 after being spied by a local photographer.

“They definitely looked like more than friends,” an onlooker at Crystal Bar in Sydney’s Surry Hills tells NW.

“They tried to keep a low profile at first, but after a couple of drinks they didn’t seem to mind who noticed them.”

“At one point Nasser was holding the guy’s hand and seemed to kiss him on the cheek while whispering in his ear.”

The couple appeared even cosier as they headed back from their boozy date towards Nasser’s home.

Nasser keeps people guessing – he recently told KISS FM’s Kyle Sandilands, “If I was gay, I’d be a rock star… I’d live the lifestyle of it,” after his Mardi Gras party picture got people talking.

Nasser attended a Mardi Gras house party earlier this year.

Though Nasser declined to comment on the PDA-packed date when approached by NW, it’s clear that whatever’s going on between the pair is making the reality star smile.

One thing’s for sure – Nasser certainly is a man of mystery. During the series other stories have emerged that Nasser has a secret wife and kids, and that he had a girlfriend tucked away on the side during filming.

Yep, we’re confused. Just who is the real Nasser?

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