MAFS groom Dean sets the record straight on his affair with Davina

The controversial contestant claims he didn't cheat on his wife Tracey.
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Despite having secret meet-ups with Davina Rankin, getting cuddly with her and making promises about their future, Married At First Sight participant Dean Wells, 39, insists he didn’t cheat on his “wife”, Tracey Jewel.

TV WEEK in Australia caught up with the show’s confessed “super villain” to find out what really happened between him and Davina, why he had a change of heart and if he has any regrets.

You previously told TV WEEK that you’ve never cheated in the past. Why start now on national television?

“In my mind, I didn’t cheat. I only met with Davina to discuss how we weren’t happy with our partners. It did get a little bit romantic, and I did have thoughts of leaving Tracey. “

“But we never kissed on the lips or were intimate in any way. I wasn’t completely honest with Tracey, but I didn’t cheat on her.”

Tracey was shocked and hurt by Dean’s confession.

Davina claims you told her you were leaving Tracey to be with her. But you still slept with Tracey the night before the commitment ceremony. Viewers want to know why?

“The discussion I had with Davina at the second dinner party scared me away from her a little bit. She came on a bit too strong. After that, I started to think I was making a terrible mistake and that Tracey was, in fact, a great match for me.”

“Tracey and I had an amazing conversation that night. As always, there was a strong connection between us, so we had sex.”

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Why did you announce the “affair” to everyone at the ceremony instead of talking to Tracey privately first?

“That time was very confusing for me.”

“But I felt like Tracey needed to be told about my discussions with Davina before she made another commitment to me. Although it was a dramatic way to do it, my conscience was telling me it was the right thing to do.”

Hmmm. That’s an interesting take on things, Dean. With more of the drama due to play out this week, we can’t wait to see what unfolds.

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