Buckle up for even more drama – MAFS 2019 is set to be a cracker as producers and experts reveal all

And you thought last season was full of controversy!
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From the pairing process to the final commitment ceremony, Married At First Sight has been a hot topic for fans across Australasia. More importantly, it has kept us glued to the screen for six seasons.

“For the most part, the participants are just regular couples, and many of their issues are relatable,” executive producer of Married At First Sight Australia Tara McWilliams tells TV WEEK.

But exactly what goes on when the cameras stop rolling? Are they really in love? And just how “real” is their reality?

In a no-holds-barred chat with the creators and experts of Married At First Sight, they were asked the tough questions and gave the inside scoop on what’s ahead for the latest batch of romantics looking for love. Spoiler: there’s drama ahead!

The controversy spills over

The search for love is never easy, so fans can expect plenty of drama. But this season, you can expect the controversy to flow beyond the marriages.

“There are shocking moments,” Tara says. “The group dynamic went up a level this season. People really got into each other’s business and their relationships entwined more than ever before.

“It could be between two people who don’t see eye-to-eye, or groups of people. It will generate a lot of controversy.”

However, Kiwi neuropsychotherapist Dr Trisha Stratford insists that everlasting love is the couples’ goal, despite the struggles they may endure to achieve it.

“No-one knows how deeply they may unravel until they’re under pressure; this experiment does that,” she says. “They can’t ever be too prepared. In saying that, yes we have controversy, but we also have a lot of love.”

The Married At First Sight love experts Mel Schilling,John Aiken and Trisha Stratford.

The bucks and hens nights are back

After neglecting the traditional bucks’ party and hens’ night, the creators have decided to bring back the pre-wedding gatherings in season six.

“The bucks’ and hens’ are back this year,” executive producer John Walsh says. “It helps establish alliances and bonds between the participants, which will come to fruition later in the season.”

They’re mixing it up

As the series unfolds, the MAFS participants will reunite around the dinner table, where “dishing the dirt” is the main course!

“The dinner parties will leave you speechless,” relationship expert John Aiken reveals. “There are some big personalities.”

Meanwhile, new experimental components will put the newlyweds firmly under the microscope.

“We’ve thrown new elements into the mix, which have worked well and put the relationships under a lot of pressure,” Tara explains. “The result was interesting, surprising and incredibly entertaining.”

Newlywed Nic is accosted by his new bride’s brother.

The producers are as shocked as we are

It’s the question we’ve all asked. But the minds behind the magic not only insist the show is authentic, they say they’re regularly surprised by what unfolds between the couples.

“When you make this show, contrary to reports that the producers are heavy-handed, we simply follow storylines that happen and make the most of them,” Tara explains. “We handle them as delicately or as honestly as possible.

“During filming, I get calls daily saying, ‘This just happened’ and we have to react to it. At the same time, we have to look after these people while entertaining the TV audience, so we have a lot of balls to juggle.

“You just hang on for the ride.”

Married At First Sight Australia premieres February 3rd on Three.

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