MAFS bombshell: the unmatched couple that are moving in together!

The lovebirds aren't wasting any time!

Spoiler alert! The article below refers to events which have not yet screened on New Zealand television.

The latest season of Married at First Sight Australia has delivered shock after shock after shock. But we weren’t quite prepared for this one.

Troy Delmege and Carly Bowyer have ditched the partners they were matched with and debuted their new romance in the shocking season finale. And it wasn’t just for television ratings. In just a matter of days, they will be moving in together.

TV WEEK in Australia spoke to the couple earlier this week, and Troy was in the process of moving from Sydney to Carly’s home city of Melbourne.

“I’m packing my things basically as we speak and I’m hoping that we will be settled into the new place by Sunday,” he said.

Added Carly: “I’ve recently just moved into a new place, a bigger place for both of us.”

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Things are obviously going well for the couple, who have dating since December, after both split with the people they were matched with on the show.

Troy dumped his wife Ashley at the vow renewal and Carly and her husband Justin decided to call it quits at the final commitment ceremony after struggling to find intimacy in their relationship.

So could Troy and Carly see themselves getting married again – to each other this time?

“Absolutely I could,” Troy says. “Absolutely, yes, yes, yes! Dream come true. Carly’s everything I’ve ever been looking for. Why wouldn’t you? You’d be an idiot not to.”

As for Carly, she’s sounding pretty sure about things too.

“I think when you know, you know.”

But her wedding to Troy would be different from the one on the show where she married Justin.

“I do not think I’ll be wearing the same dress. That wedding was like a practice run. Now I know what not to do.”

The couple have already been discussing having kids, as both are keen to be parents.

“We’ll just let nature run its course,” Troy says.

Now that both have met the other’s parents, the big question is, what does Troy think of Carly’s mum?

“She’s got a lovely mother,” he says. “I felt a connection as soon as I walked in.”

As for all the drama at the reunion show, Carly doesn’t feel she did the wrong thing by Troy’s former “wife” Ashley.

“I don’t think I betrayed her at all,” she says. “Ash and Troy had broken up. Troy and I just connected after it all ended.

“I just think it’s quite unfair that she puts a lot of the blame on me. I just think it’s quite an immature girly thing to do, to blame the other woman.”

Troy says a lot of people got to know each other “really well” while filming the show.

“I wouldn’t necessarily be surprised if other relationships came out of the experiment anyway. It was a friendly bunch of people and at times quite flirtatious.”

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