MAFS stars spill all the secrets, bombshells and updates you were dying to know

Plus our very first taste of Married at First Sight 2019!

It was one of the most talked about shows of 2018 so far. And despite the fact that it hasn’t been on our screens for a few months, our appetite for it hasn’t waned.

We shed a tear when favourites Sarah and Telv broke up. We shared in Melissa Walsh’s joy at finding love after the show. We couldn’t help but giggle at the ongoing feud between Davina and Ryan. We cringed when Tracey and Sean moved forward with their relationship so quickly – and thought ‘told you so’ when it didn’t work out. But above all, we’ve wondered if Carly and Troy’s relationship is actually legit, or if it was all a big publicity stunt.

Well, wonder no more. Because the cast took to the red carpet for Australia’s television awards, the Logies, and the Now To Love team were right there to get all the answers.

Strap yourselves in for another roller coaster ride, because here’s what we found out….

Ash and Carly STILL haven’t spoken

Troy Delmege and Carly Bowyer shocked the nation when they announced they’d decided to do a switcheroo and couple up on MAFS.

Months later, Troy’s original TV wife tells us she and Carly still aren’t on talking terms.

“Troy and I are surprisingly OK but I haven’t really said a word to Carly,” Ashley Irvine told us on the red carpet.

Throughout the night, the two women went to great lengths not to go near each other despite attending the event together with their fellow castmates.

Flight attendant Ash says she’s “still single” but was keeping an eye out.

“Maybe I’ll meet my husband here (at the Logies) tonight, hopefully. I want to be a WAG,” she laughed.

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Are Troy and Carly expecting?

Troy and Carly’s co-star Jo McPharlin predicts we might have another MAFS baby on the way soon!

Maybe a baby on the way. Maybe they’ll do a Meghan and Harry,” Jo told Daily Mail Australia of Troy and Carly’s baby plans, making reference to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s whirlwind romance.

‘”They’re totally loved-up. You look at them and your heart just melts,” she added.

But before they start a family, they need to seriously work out their living arrangements.

After the show wrapped, Troy upped sticks from Sydney to Carly’s hometown of Melbourne however it doesn’t look like he’s settling in very well.

“Troy said that he’s hoping to convince Carly to come back to Sydney,” psychologist Trisha Stratford told us.

Baby on the way? Jo thinks Carly and Troy are talking kids.

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Jo wishes her ex Sean the best of luck with Gab

Of course, Troy and Carly aren’t the only MAFS stars to indulge in a cheeky partner swap. Most recently, Gabrielle Bartlett Sean Donnelly have been romantically linked. And Jo, who was set up with Sean on the show, wishes them well.

“Good luck to them I wish them all the best, they deserve happiness. They don’t need to me, they’re both single they’re allowed to do whatever they like,” Jo explained to us.

The single mum is still yet to meet that special someone but said The Block Australia’s Scotty Cam was her dream celeb crush.

“My love life non-existent at the moment, still very single, still looking.”

She’s certainly looking the part though, debuting her stunning new makeover on the red carpet.

The experts don’t approve of the partner swapping

“That just goes to show with the experiment that we’re not sure what’s going to happen once we press the go button, so we go along and watch it all unfold like everyone else,” psychologist Mel Schilling said.

John Aiken agreed. “We prefer them to stay together but it does reflect what happens in real life so it’s not entirely surprising.”

He went on to say that he saw Carly and Troy earlier in the night and they told him “they’re loved up and happy as anything.”

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MAFS 2019 is going to be even crazier

Strap yourselves in because the MAFS experts have promised us 2019 is set to be “bigger and better” with “more diversity!”

“We’re matching at the moment. We want people really genuinely committed to finding love and we’ve got some great participants lined up already,” psychologist Trish said.

When we asked the MAFS matchmakers why their show has such a low success rate in matching couples, Trish had this to say.

“It’s a relationship show, not a dating show and what they do is they find out about themselves and then they can go on and find a partner afterwards. Of course we want them to stay together. But you know they’re under enormous pressure so it’s not like the real world.”

We can’t wait to meet the Davinas and Deans of 2019!

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