A rowdy boys’ night lands MAFS’ Dean Wells in hot water again

Uh-oh, here we go again.
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Just when you think you’ve seen and heard it all, the Married At First Sight Australia drama kicks into another gear.

Speaking to TV WEEK, this season’s resident bad boy Dean reveals that a conversation he shared on a night out with the boys is likely to have serious repercussions.

“The boys [the husbands on Married At First Sight] got together; we had a few beers and started talking out of school – a bit risqué,” he explains.

“But a few situations got brought up, and a few things were talked about that were inappropriate. We discussed swapping wives – but that’s what happens on boys’ nights.”

The comments, which come after the 39-year-old’s troubled relationship survived the cheating scandal with Davina, will no doubt have fans and fellow MAFS participants seeing red.

But Dean is adamant he wasn’t the only one involved in the “wife-swapping” conversation.

“I can tell you that, on the night, everyone was equally involved in the chat about wife-swapping,” he declares. “It wasn’t just me.”

But that’s not the only drama that went down. Dean says fellow MAFS groom Patrick committed the cardinal sin of telling his wife what was said.

“Patrick went and reported back to Charlene [Patrick’s ‘wife’],” he says. “I regard that as breaking the bro code. I feel that’s a weak thing to do.”

“Boys should be able to have an outlet to talk about whatever we want and not have it reported back to the wives – especially by one of our mates.”

Dean isn’t happy with Patrick for spilling the beans on their boys’ night.

Dean claims Charlene confronted the men about the issue at a dinner party, immediately putting everyone off-side.

“All the boys were disgusted with Patrick after that – not just me,” he explains. “Everyone cut him off.”

Dean reveals he didn’t want to talk to Patrick after he found out he had broken their trust.

“I didn’t bother,” he says. “If he wants to act like that, it’s his decision. But he lost respect from everyone on the show when he did that.”

Charlene was not best pleased with what she heard.

This latest controversy once again puts Dean in the hot seat. But the self-proclaimed alpha male denies he’s to blame for all the drama.

In fact, he says talk of partner-swapping was rife throughout the experiment.

“A lot of the other guys fancy a lot of the other girls,” Dean says. “There was a lot of chat going on. But I was the only one who was open and honest about it,” he said, referring to his decision to pursue Davina while still with Tracey.

“I’ve heard the guys talk about other girls,” he reveals. “There’s a lot that has happened behind the scenes between different partners that viewers don’t know about.”

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Meanwhile, Patrick doesn’t regret telling the wives about what was discussed behind closed doors.

“If there’s something I disagree with or feel strongly about, I’ll step in and say something,” the 26-year-old declares.

“The whole point [of going on MAFS] is to find love. We put our names forward, go through all this testing, and are given a match. So stick to that.

“If you want to go be with someone else, wait until after the experiment.”

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