Why a new headboard will transform your bedroom & sleep

Elevate your sleep space with our guide to choosing the best headboard
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In the realm of home decor and design, few elements hold as much transformative power as the often-overlooked bed headboard.

A headboard can elevate a mundane sleep space into a sanctuary of style, catering to minimalist, classic, or intricate designs. For a headboard style that capitalises on both the boucle-look and wavy decor trends, we have our eye on the Drift Modern Bed Frame by Ecosa, available in a dreamy grey or pink. Beyond aesthetics, headboards also serve a functional purpose, providing comfortable support as you read a book, watch TV, or indulge in a hot cuppa.

Read our advice on choosing the perfect headboard for your space and needs, and shop our favourite affordable and luxury bed headboards.

From left: Drift Modern Bed Frame (queen), $900 (usually $1,200) from Ecosa. Emma Signature Bed Frame (queen), $1569.15 (usually $3,487) from Emma Sleep.

Should your headboard be the same size as your bed?

Headboards come in various sizes and styles to fit different bed frames and mattresses. While most headboards are compatible with standard bed sizes, checking your specific bed frame or mattress dimensions is essential for correct alignment.

Additionally, consider the height of the headboard in relation to your mattress and overall room aesthetic. Some headboards are taller and more prominent, while others are modest in size. The headboard height should complement the scale of your bed and the room’s dimensions, ensuring a balanced and visually pleasing arrangement.

From left: Winkl Bed Frame (queen), $1,312 (usually $1,750) from Winkl. Yoru Headboard (queen), $179 from ifurniture.

Can you have a headboard without a bed frame?

Yes, you can have a headboard without a bed frame. Many people opt for this alternative to save space or achieve a minimalist aesthetic in their bedrooms. To utilise a headboard without a bed frame, mount it directly onto the wall behind your mattress or use a freestanding headboard that rests on the floor.

From left: Cove Bed Frame (queen), $825 (usually $1,100) from Ecosa. Luca Amalfi Headboard (queen), $1,199, from Farmers.

Are headboards easy to install?

Headboards typically attach to a bed frame by bolting them directly or using mounting brackets.

From left: Marais Rattan Bedhead (queen), $419 (usually $529), from Early Settler. Takaka Vertical Headboard (queen), $524 (usually $699), from Freedom Furniture.

Is it necessary to have a headboard?

While a headboard is not a requirement for a bed, there are several reasons why having one can be beneficial, and you may even find that a headboard will help you sleep better at night.

Comfort and support: Headboards provide a barrier between the bed and the wall, preventing pillows and cushions from slipping through and getting stuck. They also offer a solid backing, allowing you to comfortably lean back and sit up in bed while reading, watching TV, or working on a laptop. This added support can make your bed a more versatile and comfortable space.

Insulation and noise reduction: A headboard is an insulating barrier between your bed and the wall, preventing drafts from entering the bedroom and keeping you warm during colder months. Additionally, a headboard can reduce noise transmission, absorbing or blocking some of the sounds that might come from the wall, such as neighbors, plumbing, or outdoor noise.

Protection for walls: Without a headboard, the wall behind your bed may endure scuffs, scratches, or marks from pillows or your head. If you have concerns about your headboard rubbing against the wall, use a stick-on rubber bumper as a buffer.

Ready to enhance your bedroom with a stylish and functional headboard? Explore our top picks for affordable bed headboards, refresh your bedding, and transform your sleep space today!

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