The best flannelette sheets for a cosy night’s sleep 

Stay warm this winter in soft and snuggly flannelette sheets.

The imminent arrival of crisper mornings doesn’t just signal that it’s time to dress in warmer layers for autumn and winter; it also means changing your bedding from cooler, lightweight sheets to a cosier flannelette and donning your electric blanket

A snuggly winter bedding option, flannelette sheets are made from 100% cotton, providing warmth and comfort while offering breathability. The flannelette fabric is brushed, so they’re incredibly soft. Even better, they’re available to purchase in different weights for maximum comfort. 

Ultimately, flannelette sheets are the equivalent of a warming teddy bear hug, the sensation of which you can enhance with a weighted blanket

To make those cold winter nights more bearable, consult our guide to the best flannelette sheets in New Zealand.  

The best flannelette sheets NZ  

Dusk coloured flannelette sheet set from Spotlight


White Home Flannelette Sheet Set 

from $72 at Spotlight

Best for: Those after affordable winter sheets for the whole family

After a comfortable, affordable flannelette sheet set for chilly nights? This cosy offering from Spotlight is brushed for extra softness, tempting you to stay in bed all day.

You’re sure to find a hue that best complements your interiors, as the sheets are available in four timeless colourways — dusky pink, grey, mist (pictured above) and sand.

At an affordable price point, it’s an ideal opportunity to stock up on winter bedding for the whole family.

Key features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Sizes available: Single, king single, double, queen and king 
  • Sheet set includes: flat sheet, fitted sheet, 1x pillowcase (2 x pillowcases for double, queen and king sizes) 
Floral flannelette sheet set from The Iconic


Ellen Flannelette Sheet Set  

from $122.04 at The Iconic

Best for: Those wanting to imbue the ‘coastal grandma’ aesthetic into their bedroom interiors

If you’re looking for beautifully patterned sheets, this sheet set is perfect for a neutral or floral bedroom interior, and goes great with wooden headboards and bed bases.

Featuring a pastel peach, earthy brown and cream garden design, the ‘coastal grandma’ aesthetic will inspire you to spend your winter evenings in bed with a good book and cup of tea.

The premium sheets are 100% cotton, so they’re excellent quality. Even better, they’re brushed on both sides, ensuring a soft texture that holds warmth.

Key features

  • 100% Cotton  
  • Sizes available: Single, double, queen and king  
  • Sheet set includes: flat sheet, fitted sheet, 1 x pillowcase (2 x pillowcases for double, queen and king sizes) 
  • Free shipping available  
Rose coloured flannelette sheet set by Sheet Society


Frankie Flannelette Sheet Bundle 

from $60.00 at Sheet Society

Best for: Style aficionados who love to mix and match their bedding

Sheet Society is your go-to destination for building your dream winter sheet set, allowing you to mix and match colours and textures as you please. You can even visualise how your bed could look using its interactive bed builder

The popular bedding brand is known for its ‘Frankie Flannelette‘ sheets and bedding, made from soft, 100% cotton that’s double brushed for a fluffier feel, and available in 13 fabulous colours.

Notably, Sheet Society’s attention to user-friendly design is second to none. The fitted sheet offers deep elasticated sides to fit the mattress snugly, the flat sheet features a stylish double-layer edge, the pillowcases offer deep flaps to keep your pillow in place, and the duvet cover boasts an invisible zipper. 

Lastly, for the health conscious, rest assured that these flannelette sheets are certified free from harsh chemicals and dyes and are hypoallergenic. 

Key features

  • 100% double-brushed flannelette 
  • OEKO-TEX certified  
  • Natural, hypoallergic and odour-resistant 
  • Mix and match colours in the bed bundle  
  • Sizes available: Single, king single, double, queen, king, super king  
  • Bundle includes: quilt cover, fitted sheet, flat sheet, pillowcase, European pillowcase 
  • Free shipping available  
Egyptian cotton flannelette sheet set from NZ Sale


Egyptian Cotton Flannelette Sheets 

from $61.55 at NZSale

Best for: Those who feel the cold or desire heavier-weighted winter sheets

These Egyptian cotton flannelette sheets from Park Avenue are made from a heavier weight, so they’re ideal if you’re craving extra comfort or you run cold at night.

The flannelette sheets are affordable yet made from high-quality material, ensuring they’ll last for seasons to come. They’re easy to care for being machine washable. Thankfully, they’re designed to fit your mattress snugly, so making your bed in the morning will be a breeze.

Your winter haven, the sheet sets are available in various patterns and colours, so you’ll have fun picking out your preferred style.

Key features

  • 175 GSM Egyptian, double-brushed cotton  
  • Sizes available: Single, king single, double, queen, mega queen, king, mega king 
  • Sheet set includes: flat sheet, fitted sheet, 1 x pillowcase (2 x pillowcases for double, queen, mega king, king and mega king)  
Flannelette sheet wet with floral detail against white background, from Sheridan Outlet


Sheridan Flannelette Ditsy Floral Sheet Set 

from $129.99 at Sheridan Outlet

Best for: Those after quality, mid-weighted winter bedding with a hint of colour

You can’t go wrong with a sheet set from Sheridan, a luxury Australian brand renowned for its quality and durability.

These flannelette sheets are brushed on both sides, making them incredibly soft and warm against your skin. They’re possibly the ‘just right’ sheets you’ve been searching for, being made from a mid-weighted yet substantial fabric.

Featuring a minimal floral pattern and twill pattern base, you’ll adore the playful aesthetic they bring to your sleep space.

Key features

  • 100% Cotton flannelette, brushed on both sides 
  • Sizes available: King single, double, queen, king 
  • Sheet set includes: fitted sheet, flat sheet, 1 x pillowcase (2 x pillowcases for double, queen and king sizes) 
  • Free shipping available 

What is the difference between brushed cotton flannelette sheets and flannel sheets? 

Despite the common misconception, flannelette sheets are different from flannel sheets. Flannel is a fabric typically made of wool or a blend of cotton and wool. Flannelette is made of cotton that has been gently brushed to create a soft, cosy feel.  

Do flannelette sheets keep you warmer?  

Flannelette bed sheets are ideal for New Zealand winters, even for hot sleepers, as they are breathable and warm. If you sleep with a partner and have different temperature preferences, flannelette sheets are a great compromise. 

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