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Beauty detox

Give yourself the makeover you deserve and start the year in style.
Beauty detox


Styling products build up over time – especially if they’re heavy on silicones which are designed to coat the hair. It helps to use a clarifying shampoo every now and then. Look for deep-cleansing products that won’t strip natural oils such as O&M’s Original Detox Shampoo and Conditioner $38 each. Australian river mint deeply cleanses deposits of old products as well as any chlorine or oil build-up, and they’re free of harsh chemicals. It’s gentle enough to use daily on problem spots and blemishes.


Cellulite, lumps and bumps are never more obvious than at this time of the year. While there are no miracle solutions, cutting down on the toxins you consume – caffeine and alcohol are two culprits – is the first step. Try a home treatment to help boost your body’s waste-disposal system and stimulate your metabolism. Over time this will lead to smoother and more radiant skin. Weleda offers a Birch 3-Step Cellulite Solution Pack $59.70 that is ideal for a full-body skin detox. First prep your skin with the Body Scrub, then massage in the Cellulite Oil, which is rich in purifying birch oil, rosemary leaves to boost circulation as well as natural oils to nourish. The third step is a Birch Juice – a tablespoon drunk in a glass of water up to three times daily is recommended. Dry brushing is the traditional approach. Use natural bristles – try the QVS Body Brush $24.99 – and before your daily shower run it over your body in sweeping strokes from top to toe, always moving inwards towards your heart. Use a light pressure where the skin is thin and be firmer on tough areas, like the soles of your feet.


Now is the time to toss out those dried-up mascaras, lipstick shades that never suited you, half-used foundation that has gone gluggy, broken eye-shadows etc. While makeup contains preservatives to keep bacteria at bay, there comes a point when any product is past its best. Once you’ve biffed the old stuff it’ll be easier to make a list of what you need and go shopping! Give your makeup brushes a detox at the same time. Just dip the brush head in lukewarm water, massage a small amount of soap through the bristle, pat with a towel then lay over a counter edge to dry completely.


Apple cider vinegar is one of the most versatile detoxifiers. Spritz one part cider vinegar and one part water through hair after shampooing. Leave for a few minutes before rinsing out with water. Or dilute it with a little more water and spray onto the skin after cleansing. You can also dab it directly on blemishes, add it to your bathwater and drink a spoonful every morning in water sweetened with a little honey if necessary.

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