The MAFS reunion bombshells you didn’t see on TV

Nude spa sessions, strippers, police calls and punch ups - here's the stuff so explosive it couldn't be aired.
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They may have spent their time in the experiment living with each other in North Sydney’s Meriton apartments – but it was a different story as the cast came together for the very last time. Show producers were forced to scatter the cast in separate hotels across the city to ensure there were no dramas ahead of the reunion.

“There had been threats of violence between the boys with all the 
wife-swapping that happened,” an insider told NW magazine.

“Some of the cast 
were gunning so hard for a punch-up that production had to intervene 
by pleading with one groom over text to take it easy when he was reunited with everyone. The amount of security on set was massively increased.”

All of this makes sense, given Nasser told NW he’d “break Dean’s leg” while angrily discussing his “disrespect of women”.

Meanwhile, judging by this Instagram post from Tracey Jewel, different reunions were staged – however, it doesn’t look like everyone got the invite. Followers noticed that Davina and Dean were conspicuously absent.

Tracey and Sean reunion pash-fest

This been described as the most jaw-dropping moment of the final dinner party – when Blair’s ex-husband Sean Thomsen casually strolled on set and started kissing Tracey.

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During the six week break between dumping Dean and returning to Sydney for the reunion, Tracey met up with fellow Perth native Sean to discuss 
their MAFS experiences – and then one thing led to another.

Apparently the show was unimpressed with this new hook-up. “The producers were screaming at them to stop kissing and immediately 
split them up and dragged them outside for ‘crisis’ talks,” the source says. “They couldn’t believe Sean and Tracey had kept such a huge storyline a secret – it would have been huge for ratings and it was too late to go back and film additional footage of their initial dates in Perth to introduce the relationship to viewers.”

For John and Mel it’s not just geography

John and Melissa have more issues than the tyranny of distance.

From watching the show, it seems the two hour drive between John’s home in Melbourne’s Altona and Melissa’s on the Mornington Peninsula is the couple’s biggest issue, but NW hears our favourite lovebirds were facing another secret heartbreak off camera.

“Melissa’s daughter really struggled with her mum being away for so long,” our source says. “She’d constantly phone her up during filming asking her to come home – and Melissa was never going to turn her back on her family.”

Cue the stripper music

According to the NW spy, the cast would regularly sneak off into the city 
to let loose once their “supervisors” had gone to bed. And afterwards, they’d take the party back to the apartments at the Meriton.

“One night, Carly was so frustrated with Justin and the lack of sex in their marriage 
that she was desperate for some male attention,” says the source.

“A couple of the boys jokingly offered to ‘help her out’, but instead she did a quick striptease with Ashley before heading off to sleep.”

Ryan and Davina’s showdown

Ryan lets fly on and off camera when he sees footage of Davina’s trysts with Dean.

It was the moment we’d all been waiting for – when Ryan and the group see the footage of Davina’s affair with Tracey’s hubby Dean. When he finally realises the full extent of her betrayal he “unleashed 
hell” on his “ex-wife”. And it didn’t ease up once the cameras stopped rolling.

“Davina came back playing the victim and expecting to be the centre of attention,” the NW source says. “She got a harsh reality check when Ryan told her to ‘f**k off back 
to Brisbane’, as no-one wanted 
her there.'” Awkward!

Sarah and Telv: ‘There’s no love there anymore”

They’ve been the season’s most popular and loved-up duo since day one, but sadly it wasn’t all smooth sailing for Sarah and Telv.

Viewers watched the pair almost call it quits after an argument about Telv’s Snapchat use led Sarah to question their future. And after the episode aired, Sarah hit out online, saying “the real reason for the fight was completely edited out”.

Now, NW has revealed exactly why things started to fall apart. “Telv would always sneak off to the casino in the city at night and leave Sarah home alone,” NW was told.

“She’d be calling producers constantly, crying and asking where he was and why he wasn’t replying to her messages. They then had a huge row about how Telv feels suffocated.”

Apparently things got so bad between the pair, Telv packed his bags and was prepared to walk out on Sarah – and the show!

“In the end, producers convinced him to stay by providing him his own apartment 
in the building,” claims the source.

With things constantly up and down between the couple, show bosses went all out to keep them together for a fairytale ending on 
the finale – apparently giving them luxury gifts, free trips to expensive hotels and preferential treatment in a bid to try and change Telv’s mind.

“The truth is, he wanted to leave the show a long time ago and felt pressure to keep up appearances. There’s no denying he likes Sarah, but it feels like there’s no love there for him anymore,” says the source.

In fact, just days before filming the reunion, NW heard that producers even had to fly Telv from Perth to Sydney for “emergency three-hour counselling” to ensure he could keep it together during the last days 
of filming.

Sadly, soon after the episode aired, Sarah confirmed their split in an emotional post to Instagram.

Don’t mess with Tracey the Goddess

Dean learned on public TV not to mess with Tracey.

With the whole of Australia branding her 
a “doormat” for sticking by Dean’s side through 
all of his betrayals, Tracey finally got her sweet revenge when she dumped her hubby during 
their vow renewal.

But NW hears Trace actually 
wrote her speech weeks before and had been 
stringing Dean along to ensure maximum airtime 
for her big moment! Her latest book 
wasn’t called Don’t Mess With 
The Goddess for nothing!

Nasser receives threats

While most of the cast are revelling in their new-found fame, Nasser has been fearing 
for his life following his split from Gabrielle.

Apparently he’s been receiving death threats, with one anonymous caller even phoning up his pal’s store and warning them that a “hit” had been placed on the 50-year-old.

“He’s been to the police 
station twice and they’re investigating the threats,” an insider explains. “Nasser may 
act like he’s not bothered, but 
this has all really shaken him up.”

Night with a stripper

Following the fall-out from the explosive reunion, 
NW heard that Telv and a bunch 
of the guys decided to de-stress 
by spending the night in a rented Airbnb… with a stripper!

tell the magazine that the boys booked a European 
girl from Sydney’s Dollhouse Strip Club, who arrived around 2am and didn’t leave their pad until midday.

What happens in the spa…

Insiders spill to NW 
that the group would regularly sneak down to the apartment building’s spa with loads 
of wine, and things would quickly get out of control.

“At one point they were 
all partying so loud that the Meriton staff complained to producers, who came down 
and found some of the cast 
drunk and naked,” the
insider claims.

With everything that’s gone on this season, none of this is surprising!

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