Married At First Sight Australia: All the best parent reactions to finding out their kids are on the show

Is it just us or is there more disapproval coming from the parents' corner than ever before?
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There’s nothing quite as polarising as a TV show like Married At First Sight.

You either love it or you hate it, and this season’s Australian cast certainly seems to have a high number of parents who are definitely not fans.

You can’t blame these mums and dads… Several seasons in audiences have come to expect high drama and fireworks. In the 2019 series alone we witnessed spectacular fights and out-of-control dinner parties, affairs, partner swapping, gaslighting at its finest and even a loss of virginity.

So in the case of Aleks and Ivan getting hitched this season, Aleks’ parents refused to come to the wedding at all. And while Ivan’s folks did attend, they weren’t exactly over the moon about it to begin with.

Connie’s mother literally laughed in Connie’s face when she told her she was marrying a stranger.

“I hate the show,” she hissed. She described it as catty, stupid and manipulative.

For David’s parents, his involvement has gone against every grain of their Christian values. And they weren’t even reassured when he proffered, “If it makes you feel any better, I haven’t slept with this girl before I’ve married her.”

Which is a valid point.

But you can only imagine how they’re feeling now having witnessed their son’s marriage with former drug addict Hayley Vernon begin to disintegrate before the honeymoon was even over.

Luke’s parents seemed reticent and Amanda literally wilted under her mum’s disapproving stare.

In the video, above, we take a look at some of the best and worst parent reactions to finding out their kids are going to marry a stranger on a reality TV show.

Video by Melissa Tapper. For more great videos check out our Youtube channel.

MAFS Australia is on Sundays 7pm and then Mon – Wed 7.30pm on Three

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