Married At First Sight: Behind the scenes of Hayley and Ivan’s explosive dinner party fight

If you thought it had been heated on-screen, it turns out a whole lot more went down off-camera, including an un-aired walk out when Ivan left Hayley seeing red.
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Warning: This story contains spoilers

It wouldn’t be Married At First Sight Australia without a tonne of drama and tears.

Not even a week into the new season – and still at the honeymoon stage – we’ve seen Poppy struggle with being away from her twin boys, gay bride Tash break her wife Amanda’s heart and Hayley Vernon fall out with her new TV husband David Cannon after telling him his $25-an-hour job “wouldn’t cut it”.

The couple opted for separate hotel rooms, but came face-to-face at the series’ first dinner party where things went from bad to worse.

Hayley and her TV husband David were not finding common ground during their honeymoon.

During the dinner Hayley appeared to forcibly grab her husband’s face to try to kiss him. He repeatedly told her to stop.

David was clearly uncomfortable as he recoiled from Hayley’s rather aggressive advances which some viewers described as “harassment”.

It wasn’t just the viewers who were shocked however. When David returned to join the other couples, it was clear to them Hayley and David were far from happy families.

Cue tough-talking groom Ivan Sarakula, who is the TV husband of bride Aleks, who decides he’s ready to stir the pot even more.

“So you’ve been having some f***ing dramas, huh?” he asks a clearly unimpressed Hayley.

“You’re the talk of the town!”

Hayley was not having a bar of it, dropping the C-bomb, twice, and accusing him of being disrespectful by talking down to her.

Things got heated when Ivan decided he’d stir the pot.

But if you thought the argument on-screen was explosive, it turns out we were only getting half of what went down, with a source telling OK! that off-camera things between the two contestants got even more fiery, leading to an un-aired walk-off from the set.

“Off camera, this got very heated,” the source revealed.

“We didn’t see all of their fight on camera – at all.”

WATCH: MAFS sees its most eccentric contestant yet. Story continues below…

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Following the dinner party, bodybuilder and finance broker Hayley opened up about the event.

“I won’t stand for being disrespected,” she says.

“I have zero time for people who are judgemental because I’m not a judgemental person,” she tells OK!.

“I’m like, ‘If you can’t respect me for who I am then you know what? Here is the door. Goodbye.'”

She adds she barely knows Ivan and refuses to be “spoken down to”.

“I get told to rein my personality in all the time but I won’t,” she insists, “especially if I think someone’s talking smack about me.”

Hayley says she wasn’t going to be “spoken down to” by Ivan.

Ivan, however, tells OK! that Hayley’s outburst didn’t surprise him at all.

“I’ve dealt with much bigger personalities than hers,” but interestingly despite the drama of the dinner party he reckons they “get along just fine – now.”

We’re not too sure Hayley would agree with those sentiments though, Ivan.

The drama of the dinner party comes just days after Hayley confirmed the rumours about an upcoming episode.

In a horrendous act of revenge – dubbed toothbrush-gate – David was rumoured to have scrubbed the inside of a toilet with Hayley’s toothbrush before putting it back in the holder with Hayley none the wiser.

Speaking on Hit FM Gold Coast, the bride confirmed the rumours were true, saying the “repulsive” act happens a few weeks in and that she she hadn’t found out until a fellow contestant told her.

The future of this couple is sure not looking bright.

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