Married At First Sight brides Stacey and Natasha unite against online trolls amidst plastic surgery backlash

Brides Stacey and Natasha have formed a united front.

Married At First Sight Australia bride Stacey Hampton has hit back at social media trolls who have attacked her online about her plastic surgery transformation.

And fellow MAFS bride Natasha Spencer, who has also had cosmetic enhancements done, has been quick to jump to Stacey’s defense to form a united front against Stacey’s attackers.

Stacey, a 26-year-old law graduate and mother of two who married 28-year-old business man Michael Goonan on the reality TV show, has talked openly about the plastic surgery procedures she has had.

She revealed to NW, “When I was 22, I got my nose done.

“I was bullied, and was told that I had a big nose and was ugly. So I got a rhinoplasty and felt so much better.”

After giving birth to her sons Kosta, four, and Kruz, two, Stacey got breast implants.

She has also had a tummy tuck, regularly gets Botox and is currently having the filler in her lips deflated so that she can start again.

However, since making the revelations Stacey has received a barrage of criticism from online trolls, and by Wednesday she had had enough.

Taking to Instagram, Stacey called out her detractors by uploading an image of herself smirking at the camera with the caption: “The face I make when I realise I forgot to ask Susan for her permission and advice on surgery.”

(Susan is a collective name used to refer to older women.)

Clearly amused, fellow bride Natasha Spencer, 26, who has spent $30,000 on cosmetic procedures, responded with the comment: “You kill me.”

Stacey replied: “True though, Addressing what we all thinking.”

Natasha responded with: “I think your face looks damn good.”

And then Stacey wrote back: “As does yours but Susan is sad.”

Natasha, who was devastated this week to find out that a former partner has leaked a private video of her online, told NW that she has spent well over $30,000 on Invisalign, Botox, fillers, laser hair removal, facials and fat-freezing. She has also had breast augmentation.

“I was constantly bullied for my weight and my teeth – that sort of stuff stays with you into adulthood,” she said.

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Kiwi bride Cathy Evans, who is married to TV husband Josh Pihlak, is also said to have spent $20,000 on cosmetic enhancements, including lip fillers, a brow lift, Botox and breast augmentation.

As well as the public backlash about what plastic surgery enhancements she has had done, Stacey has also had to contend with nasty comments from MAFS viewers who have felt compelled to comment that Stacey looks much older than her 26 years.

Stacey jokingly told NW that her two sons, Kosta, four, and Kruz, three, have “aged her by about 20 years”.

Although she really doesn’t have to justify her appearance to anyone, does she.

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