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Out With The Girls talk: Diverse Barbie dolls

On our new digital chat show, we discus the pros and cons of the latest range of diverse dolls.
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Would you buy your child a Barbie that was made to look a little more like your average woman?

Or do you think today’s little girls would feel ripped-off if they got a less-than-glamorous version of the famous blonde?

Welcome to the first episode of Out With The Girls, a new digital chat show with a difference.

This week, the girls talk about the Barbie diversity range – and their opinions are certainly split.

OWTG aims to have the kinds of conversations that Kiwi women talk about over brunch, on a walk, at drinks – the type of chats you have when you’re catching up with friends or that you eavesdrop on from the next-door table.

Travel writer Megan Singleton, radio presenter Leah Panapa-Nesbitt and television journalist Ruwani Perera have been friends for years – and now they want to share their fun conversations with the rest of New Zealand.

“We don’t promise to solve the world’s woes, but we’ll do our best and try to have a laugh along the way,” the girls say.

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