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Mother puts bound and gagged kids up “for sale”

A joke that went too far?
Kid's bound and gagged prank

A mother posted a disturbing image on Facebook of two toddlers with duct tape binding their hands and mouths, reports The Sun.

Jaton Justsilly Jaibabi posted the photo to her Facebook account on Friday with the status update:

“Kids for sale, 45% off because they bad.”

The pair of toddlers, a boy and a girl, are sitting in the back seat of a car with their mouths duct taped shut and their hands tightly bound by the thick grey tape.

The Memphis Police Department in Tennessee are investigating after they saw the worrying image, but the woman’s cousin has defended her saying it was just a joke.

He wrote: “Our family and friends know the love we have for all the kids in our family. It’s just crazy that out of a whole lifetime they judge a person off of this one event.

“Basically a joke at the moment that people just went overboard about. People make mistakes and that’s what this situation is, a lesson learned.

“They [the children] are safe, unharmed, and loved that’s all it is to it.”

The original Facebook account it was posted to has now been deleted.

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