Make a heart paper wreath


Share the love and have fun creating this easy-to-make paper wreath. It’s a great project for kids to try too! For a quirky spin on the idea, get colourful with mint and silver paper instead.

You could use this garland as a centrepiece for a romantic dinner. Sprinkle the table with rose petals, put the paper wreath in the middle and set the mood with candles.


What you’ll need:

2 sheets each of white, light pink, dark pink and red A4 paper

Ruler, pencil and scissors


Glue stick



Step 1

Stack the paper together neatly. Mark out 2.5cm strips lengthwise on the paper and cut them out.


Step 2

Fold the strip in half, then bend the ends down to form a heart.


Step 3

Secure with a staple at the bottom. Repeat until you have 25 hearts.


Step 4

Take a heart and put a dab of glue either side of the staple.


Step 5

Push the glued end of the heart into the top of another, and hold firmly. Repeat until you have two chains of 12 hearts each.


Step 6

Staple the bottom of the two chains together to form a “V” shape.


Step 7

Pull the top of the chains together to form a heart, then use the last heart (glued as in Step 4) to join them. Use a paperclip to hold it all together.


Hang your heart paper wreath on the wall or use it as a table centrepiece.

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