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Simon Gault – Wedding food on a budget

Catering a family members wedding yourself can be a lot of pressure at a time you need to be there for your family and guests too.

**My daughter is getting married in September. We don’t have a lot of money, so the reception is going to be a simple one in a church hall. I plan to do a lot of the catering myself, but obviously I want to spend time mingling with the guests. I’m not sure how to manage that – even if the food is sorted in advance, such as cold meats and salads. Do you have any suggestions?


I think it’s great you want to do everything yourself, but that’s a lot of pressure at a time when you need to be there for your daughter.

Find some people to help you – maybe a service group or local school mothers – and make a payment to a charity of their choice in exchange for their assistance. Then, do the shopping trip and delegate the food to be made to different people in the group. I’ve seen this done, and it was amazing how good the meals were. And why not get a group of senior school kids to dress in black and serve the food.

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