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How to create the perfect house rental application

Because the rental market is madly competitive, especially here in New Zealand.
Rental applications

Rental applications

With more and more Kiwis competing for affordable rentals, trying to find the right home for you can be a heart-breaking process.

No sooner have you found the perfect house, than you find you’re up against an investment banker with tonnes of cash and a decade of references.

For younger renters especially, and those on low incomes, this can be a soul destroying process, with many of them overlooked in favour of safer bets.

But one writer on Mamamia has shared a tip given to her by a real estate agent – and it’s unbelievably simple.

“We don’t want mobile numbers from your mate Joe Blow pretending to be your manager,” she told the writer.

“We want professional email addresses, and work phone numbers, wherever possible.”

The rental agent said as soon as she sees one of these, the application goes to the top of the pile, and she immediately sees is as a more legitimate option.

There we have it folks – they key to rental success!

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