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What can you do when you get trouble with what you've brought from a daily deal site?

I bought something on a daily deal site, but now I’m having problems – what can I do?

Daily deal sites have become very popular, but it’s worth taking the time to check you’re actually getting a deal. Have a look at other suppliers to make sure the “special” you are being offered is worth it. Goods and services sold on these sites come under the Consumer Guarantees Act, so goods must be of acceptable quality and services must be provided with reasonable skill and care. If your goods don’t arrive in reasonable time, contact the provider for a refund.

If you’re finding it hard to make an appointment before your voucher expires, you can ask for a refund or an extension on the expiry date. If the supplier refuses, they’re breaching the Fair Trading Act by taking payment without providing a service.

If the site tells you that you have to take up your grievance with the supplier, tell them that under the Fair Trading Act they are equally responsible for putting things right. You may find it useful to pay by credit card so you can get a charge-back from the credit card company if you run into problems.If you can’t reach an agreement, you can take both the deal site and the provider to the Disputes Tribunal.

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