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Paralympic swimmer Sophie Pascoe’s secrets to success

She's a star in the pool - and she's not stopping any time soon.

She smashed a world record and scooped five medals at this year’s Paralympics in Rio, but star swimmer Sophie Pascoe has no plans to hang up her goggles just yet.

She talked to Good Health Choices about life as a top level sportswoman – and shared some of the secretes to her success.

How she stays motivated

“If I don’t get up in the morning to train, then I know one of my competitors is doing that, and it could be the 0.01 of a second they could win over me. I challenge myself to give 100 per cent every day, and I need to do that to be able to challenge the rest of the world.”

Why she never denies her sweet tooth

“I’m in a really confident part of my life. I’ve come to an understanding that this is the weight I feel comfortable in, and I’m still able to treat myself. I don’t hold back when it comes to dessert, as it makes me happy, which has to translate to results in the pool!”

Her pre-race butterflies

“I totally get nervous! I try to use my nerves as fuel, and if I’m not nervous, then I know I’m not ready to race. I love the fact the when I’m standing behind the blocks my stomach just drops. It’s like a roller coaster and your body is just thriving off adrenaline. It’s about controlling all these mental and physical feelings.”

Find out more about Sophie in the December issue of Good Health Choices magazine.

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