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My beauty secrets special

The stars of TV3’s new drama The Blue Rose share their beauty philosophies and must-have products.
My beauty secrets special


MY BEAUTY PHILOSOPHY IS… Keep things simple. Set up basic, healthy habits that you can maintain rather than going overboard and setting your expectations too high for what you can actually achieve on a daily basis. Use common sense. Drink lots of water, sleep enough, wear sun cream, give your skin a break from makeup whenever you can. And try not to compare yourself to models – they are a superhuman breed unto themselves, we will never, ever look like them so it’s better to not even try.

THE SKINCARE PRODUCTS I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT ARE… My trusty Trilogy Rosehip Oil, still the most hydrating product I have found. Dermalogica Solar Defense Booster is the best sun cream I’ve ever used that goes on super well under and over makeup. And the Osmosis cosmeceutical range. I have recently discovered these and they are brilliant. Not only are their cleansers, toners and moisturisers really good, but they also have these serums, Catalyst and Stemfactor, that are amazing. I definitely notice that my skin is clearer and brighter after using their products.

MY HAIRCARE SECRET IS… I love Sebastian Potion 9 as it is one of the only products that can soothe the frizz that is my hair. It’s super easy, which I also love because I’m not very good at doing treatments or using products that take a long time to process. I have also rediscovered the wonders of mousse! For a while there I dismissed it as a thing of the ‘80s, but it’s great for adding a bit of volume without the crispy feel that can sometimes happen with hairspray.

THE PRODUCTS I ALWAYS HAVE IN MY MAKEUP BAG ARE… Foundation, mascara and lipgloss. If I don’t have much time, these products do the trick. My favourite foundation is a mineral one by Inika. It’s so light and quick to apply, it takes me about 10 seconds to brush it on and afterwards I never feel like I’m wearing anything. I also love MAC lipsticks. My favourite colours to wear are red, orange, coral and nude.

MY FAVOURITE BEAUTY TREAT IS… I love going to Lucy & The Powder Room in Auckland’s Takapuna and getting a facial. The location is beautiful and the staff are fantastic – they introduced me to the Osmosis range.

MY BIGGEST BEAUTY SIN IS… I hardly ever moisturise below my neck. I’m sure my arms and legs could be a lot softer and smoother if I did!

THE BEST THING MY MOTHER TAUGHT ME ABOUT BEAUTY IS… That it’s not the be all and end all. My mum hardly ever wears makeup and has a simple skincare routine, so growing up there was never much emphasis placed on looking pretty – it was more about being healthy. This was a great, grounded perspective, particularly as I now work in an industry where the focus on appearance can get out of whack sometimes.


MY BEAUTY PHILOSOPHY IS… Look after yourself and listen to your body.

THE SKINCARE PRODUCTS I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT ARE… Priori cleansers. Mine is active and gentle at the same time. I like dabbling in the different serums by Ultraceuticals. I found that the Ultra Moisturiser Cream worked wonders for me during the winter when other types of moisturisers couldn’t cut it.

MY HAIRCARE SECRET IS… Get a good shampoo and conditioner. Recently I started using Snob Girls – intense shine and protection. They do these little oil capsules. I can’t live without them! Other than what is put on me for work, I wouldn’t know any hairstyling products. I’m too lazy and am definitely a “see how my hair goes in the morning and run with that” kind of girl.

THE PRODUCTS I ALWAYS HAVE IN MY MAKEUP BAG ARE… Lip colour/balm. At the moment I love Bobbi Brown lip balm and mascara.

MY FAVOURITE BEAUTY TREAT IS… I made the decision to look after my skin as it makes me feel good. Facials are an amazing way to wind down. My favourite is a Power of Three Facial at About Face. It’s three facials in one. The first course is either a peel or microdermabrasion. I get the peel, because the microdermabrasion is too full on for me. The second course is lying under a light called Omnilux. It was discovered in the medical industry and is very healing. If I have a cold sore (I get those badly) I’ll lie under the Omnilux for a while and it helps to clear it up quicker. It also hydrates your skin and balances everything out. You also get a massage while you’re relaxing. The last segment is Sonophoresis. Basically they slather a layer of nutrient-rich serums and creams which suit your skin type and follow with an instrument that uses sound waves to push the goodness into the layers of your skin.

MY BIGGEST BEAUTY SIN IS… Probably too much sugar.

THE BEST THING MY MOTHER TAUGHT ME ABOUT BEAUTY WAS… Mum always taught me to be careful of the sun. Always wear sunscreen etc. She made me realise that being pale can be beautiful too.


MY BEAUTY PHILOSOPHY IS… Have fun with your makeup! I love the girly stuff – a fragrant lotion or new lip colour is bliss, but you can’t take it seriously and often less is more.

THE SKINCARE PRODUCTS I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT ARE… I’m a Dermologica girl. I love all their products, but I guess my absolute essentials would be my Special Cleansing Gel and Skin Smoothing Cream.

MY HAIRCARE SECRET IS… I’m a fan of Matrix Shampoo and Conditioner, and good old-fashioned heated rollers. I’m too uncoordinated to do a curl with my GHD hair irons, but the rollers are so easy. I pop them in while I potter around and do my makeup, give them a wee spray when they’ve cooled and I’m off. They give my ne hair lift and a bit of va-va-voom.

THE PRODUCTS I ALWAYS HAVE IN MY MAKEUP BAG ARE… Bronzer. I have a slight bronzer addiction. I dabble in different brands, but at the moment I’m using one by Youngblood, which is lovely. Concealer, a good mascara and a brow kit. They are my essentials.

MY FAVOURITE BEAUTY TREAT IS… My ultimate favourite is a Dermalogica facial. Makes me go all tingly just thinking about it. I also love getting my nails done in bright colours. It’s a quick and inexpensive way to pep yourself up if you’re feeling a bit flat.

MY BIGGEST BEAUTY SIN IS… Spending too much time in the sun and I’ve been known to be a bit of a squeezer at times. It’s the monkey in me.

THE BEST THING MY MOTHER TAUGHT ME ABOUT BEAUTY WAS… Don’t over-pluck your eyebrows, and look after your décolletage.

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