Pass us the wine because that was the most explosive MAFS final dinner party of all time

What just happened?!
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If you’re like us, you’re probably thinking what actually happened last night during the Married At First Sight final dinner party.

Of course, MAFS is notorious for drama, but yesterday’s episode took it to a whole new level.

To help you wade through the crazy goings-on, we’ve broken down the biggest jaw-dropping moments from the final dinner party.

Bow down to Queen Tracey

Lick your lips, because last night was all about Tracey Jewel!

Here are her top 3 moments:

1. Tracey Jewel and Sean Thomsen go public

We’ve been waiting for this moment for quite some time, and now Tracey Jewel and Sean Thomsen have finally debuted their relationship.

The dinner party guests (and experts!) were left reeling when a surprise order of Tracey kissing Sean appeared on the menu.

Ryan eloquently asked, “What the f#%k just happened there?”

While Charlene was peak Charlene, remarking, “Shut the front door”

The most heart-breaking response had to be from Sean’s original bride, Blair Rachael, who said, “I didn’t get that memo.”

2. Sean Thomsen fights for Tracey’s honour biffing it out with Dean Wells – strong language warning alert!

Sean was very angry.

Dean Wells was never going to take Tracey finding love well.

Things took a real turn when Sean decided to tell Dean to stop “harassing” Tracey and sending “inappropriate texts”.

“I’ve seen them,” Sean says of the messages. “She’s [replied], ‘Please stop harassing me’.”

Dean, not having a bar of it said, “You’re off the mark mate. You’re so off the mark, it’s not funny.”

Sean is very annoyed at this point, shouting, “‘You’re kidding aren’t ya? You’re taking the piss!”

“She despises you.”

Taking a more colourful route, Sean bellowed, “‘F#%k off mate. You’re talking f#%king shit again!”

“For once in your f#%king life, be honest. Why the f#%k were you sending those messages. Tell me the f#%king truth!”

Sean settled the debate by calling Dean a “f#%king w#%ker”.

Watch the heated moment in the video below!

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3. Tracey puts Davina in her place

It should be noted to every MAFS fan that Davina Rankin does not regret any of her actions from her time on the show.

Tracey decided to give Davina a dose of reality.

Pulling her aside she said, “I’m really happy with Sean but I want you to know that one of the main reasons Dean and I didn’t work was because of what you did.”

Davina, stepping into her favourite mode, coy and unassuming, asked, “What did I do? I’m so confused right now.”

You tell her Tracey!

Tracey tried to show her the light, telling her that stealing another person’s partner is not nice.

Davina clearly annoyed, snapped, “What? I thought your boyfriend was hot. But he didn’t want to be with you.”

Adding, “I don’t know you. I don’t f#%king care. You’re getting very worked up about something that you don’t care about.”

Infuriated, Tracey stormed off after saying, “Really? I’m the crazy one? You know what, if you think that, this is a waste of time.”

Watch it all go down in the video underneath!

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4. Troy Delmege and Carly Bowyer confirm they’re in love

It’s still hard to believe that Troy Delmege and Carly Bowyer are couple.

Throwing caution to science, it seems like fate has brought together these unlikely duo.

The camera pans out to the pair lying in each other’s arm.

“I’ve been dating Carly for about two weeks. Not that long but it’s been a very strong connection,” he proudly shares.

So. Much. PDA.

Despite questions about his manhood, Carly gushed, “There have been no intimacy issues with Troy at all.”

“Troy’s so affectionate, we are literally so magnetised to each other and can’t keep our hands off each other. It’s completely the polar opposite of what it was like for me and Justin.”

We’re forced to watch clip after clip of them kissing. Troy kneels over her in a park as he tickles her, maniacally shouting “naughty, naughty, naughty.” Were we the only ones who felt a little icky watching that?

“She’s gifted with…quite a very, I’d say, talented tongue. She takes care of herself, so her mouth’s in good condition,” Troy inexplicably states.

“She’s got the rhythm, she knows what to do.”

And good, as always, to see hasn’t changed, showing off his impressive push-up skills to Carly in the kitchen. Difference this time is Carly looks adoringly on, in complete contrast to Ash who had a WTF moment when Troy pulled this stunt on their honeymoon.

“One, two, three, four, five,” Carly counts before he gives up.

Maybe next time he’ll get to six.

5. Ashley Irvin hates Carly Bowyer

With all the couple swapping, it’s only natural that some exes won’t be very happy.

Ashley Irvin, Troy ‘s original bride, was fuming when her hubby rocked up with her friend Carly.

“At the end of the day, the last thing that Troy and I wanted to do was hurt you,” Carly tried to explain.

Ash shouted, “So where was my text of respect? We were mates, were we not? I would never do that to you.”

Watch the moment below.

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Carly hit low when she question if Ash ever had feelings for Troy – to which she said she did.

“I call bulls#%t. I call bulls#%t on that,” Carly replied.

“This is so ridiculous, Ashley. I’ve been so upset,” Carly tried to explain.

Not here for explanations, Ash shouted, “You seem real upset on his lap, making out with your tongue down his throat.”

The face says it all.

6. Sean Thomsen’s Ellen DeGeneres makeover

Davina called it first in the video below – and then Twitter went into overdrive. Sean walked in with a new bleached hairdo and bore a striking resemblance to the famous talk show host.

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Separated at birth?

With one final episode to come, we can’t wait to see what other drama unfolds!

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