The shock off-air behaviour of Married At First Sight brides and grooms

Producers had to be called in to break up the wild party which is said to have involved brawling and sex between an unmatched couple.
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Spoiler alert: This story reveals details about some of the couples that have not aired in New Zealand yet.

If you weren’t already shocked at the antics of this year’s Married At First Sight Australia‘s contestants, following last night’s show which saw two brides blindsided and unceremoniously dumped by their husbands, there’s more.

Producers were forced into one of TV’s biggest ever cover-ups after 
a wild night of sex, booze and brawling was deemed too X-rated for commercial television!

Woman’s Day Australia has reported that after an evening of Sydney bar-hopping, some of the couples were spotted stumbling out of cabs in the wee hours one morning in October last year, to their luxury suites at the Meriton in North Sydney, when the evening took a bizarre turn.

“There was a party happening back at one of the couple’s rooms so we decided to continue drinking and make the most of not having cameras in our faces for once,” reveals one contestant.

Davina had her sights set on Tracey’s on-air husband Dean from the get-go.

But when the group arrived at the party, they were greeted at the door by one groom who was off his face.

“He didn’t seem to be in the least concerned that in the bedroom right next door, his on-air wife was in bed with one of the other grooms!” our source says.

“Next thing we know all hell broke loose, when the door flung open and they were naked!” one of the show’s stars tells us.

The on-air wife of the guilty groom “completely lost the plot! She blew up in a fury. She ran out to the rest of the group and announced, ‘Oh my God. X and X are fooling around in there. They’ve got no clothes on!'”

“The rest of the party laughed and proceeded to go in and see the X-rated scene for themselves!”

Despite an initially strong attraction between the pair, Dean and Tracey’s marriage took a turn for the worse following the first dinner party.

The guilty couple, in total shock over being caught in the act, wrapped sheets around themselves.

Bizarrely, at the same time, another couple came to drunken blows in the hallway, forcing a hotel manager to make an emergency call to MAFS producers, saying their cast were out of control.

Contestants’ contracts dictate they’re not allowed to converse with each other, let alone go 
to each other’s apartments, without cameras being present.

“When producers arrived, with cameras rolling, they separated everyone and confiscated our phones.”

“They started interrogating everyone and it became a massive issue. Everyone was scared they’d be kicked off the show,” reveals the source.

BELOW: Davina and Dean talk about their intense connection.

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“We had broken the rules, breaking curfew and partying – all while the cameras weren’t on us. They were furious! We 
got sent back to our apartments and were forbidden to speak 
to each other. It was like being 
at school camp!”

However, wife-swapping and vicious brawls weren’t the only headaches producers faced that evening. Our source alleges there was one contestant “totally off their face” during the party.

“We were worried the crew would find out how out of hand things had got – it’s a big no-no to get that totalled, and another reason to kick us off the show,” our source explains.

The guilty groom, his furious on-air wife and producers agreed the best course of action was to “leave gracefully” and 
exit the show at the next commitment ceremony.

“They made up a story 
about how they weren’t suited 
to each other and left,” explains the source.

The same groom has since taken up with another contestant from the show, Woman’s Day understands.

The drunken night and all references to the incident were edited out and footage destroyed, with producers swearing contestants to secrecy.

But the incident also drew 
a toxic divide, splitting the cast into two.

“We got told by the crew the night would never be discussed on the show because it was too X-rated for TV!”

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