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These adorable throwback photos of Kiwi celebs as kids will melt your heart

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Who doesn’t love a throwback photo from our past! These Kiwi celebs certainly do, and they’ve been more than happy to share them on social media. Granted, some are more embarrassing than others, but we’re grateful nonetheless. Have a look through the images below and see if you can pick who they are before we name them.

Dan Carter.

We can hardly believe this gorgeous little boy would grow up to be one of our greatest All Blacks. Dan shared this to his 845,000 Instagram followers with the caption “#tbt to a younger version with freckles & curls. Thanks for sending me this Mum.”

We’re eternally grateful to his mum too.

Shavaughn Ruakere. She might be a sex symbol now, steaming up our screens with her sizzling performances on Dancing With The Stars, but back in primary school Shavaughn was just like any other 80’s kid with glasses waaaaaay too big for her face.

Brodie Kane. Brodie shared this photo when she was raising money for Shave for a Cure. “There are many things one could focus on in this photo,” she said, “but today I’m looking at the fringe/bob/headband/combo.” Us too, Brodie! Us too.

Lorde. It’s a long way from wearing kitchen implements on your head to becoming a Grammy winning, chart topping singer. And no matter how big we get, Ella Yelich-O’Connor, aka Lorde, always has her mum to remind her of where she came from. “Somehow I’m gonna get me 2 Grammys,” her proud mum Sonja captioned this image.

Taika Waititi. He hasn’t changed much! Before he was out slaying the world, being crowned New Zealander of the year, hanging out with Angelina Jolie at the Golden Globes and calling NZ out for being racist, he was just a humble kid in a school sweater, rocking an earring. Well, let’s be honest, we doubt Taika was ever really humble but hey, when you’re that cool, who needs to be, right?

Hayley Holt. Proving she’s always been photogenic, we have her ex-boyfriend to thanks for sharing this adorable photo of the former dancer turned Breakfast host.

Jack Tame. We can only imagine what his parents must have thought when Jack was going through this phase. He shared this gem when he was back at his folks house at Christmas, trawling through old photo albums.

*Rhys Darby*

Rhys Darby

The less said the better about this photo. Loving the turtleneck, Rhys.

Hilary Barry. No prizes for guessing this one – Hilary has barely changed. She shared this adorable photo on National Siblings Day.

“Happy Siblings Day to my gorgeous big bro,” she wrote. “Rocking the cool threads since 1973.”

Kimberley Crossman. Pocket rocket Kimberly Crossman has hardly changed since this angelic school photo of her as a teenager. We’re betting she could recreate this image today and there’d barely be a difference.

Victor Vito. He’s always been a sartorially aware human. Former All Black Victor Vito is looking well put together in this gorgeous throwback photo his wife Amber posted to Instagram.

Honor Carter. Does it get any cuter than this photo of Honor Carter pushing her cat around in a wheelbarrow? The former Black Sticks hockey star and wife of Dan Carter shared the image with her Twitter followers. “Haha just found this…bet my cat loved this wee joy ride! #poorpuddy.”

Stan Walker. Like butter wouldn’t melt. Kiwi singer Stan Walker shared this cute photo from his childhood with his loyal Instagram followers. “Them teeth tho hahahahaha” he captioned it.

Sharyn Casey. Before she was a host on Dancing With The Stars, Sharyn Casey was a huge Spice Girls fan. She shared this image to her followers, captioned “BEST CHRISTMAS OF MY LIFE.”

Emmett Skilton. What can we say? It seems The Almighty Johnsons star Emmett Skilton was a ladykiller from a young age.

“Thug-life obviously chose me…Fat-life did too it seems,” he wrote when he shared the image. What. A. Skux.

Nicola Robinson. Before she was a model and before she married rich lister Eric Watson and then celebrity chef Pete Evans, Nicola Robinson was just a tomboy with a megawatt smile. “My eleventh year. #truetomboy,” she wrote.

Dominic Harvey. Ah, the 80’s. When everyone rocked a slogan t-shirt. The Edge radio host Dom Harvey was no different.

“I used to love to just hang loose in front of our orange brick house,” he captioned this throwback.

Sarah Walker. BMX rider and Olympic silver medallist Sarah Walker shared this throwback photo of her and her first bike – and adorable blonde ringlets.

Patrick Gower. Newshub’s National Correspondent has barely changed since this yearbook photo. “LOL. Just found this in old school year book,” Patrick tweeted to his followers. LOL indeed, Patrick.

Ladyhawke. Kiwi singer Pip Brown, better known as Ladyhawke proved she’s always been slightly alternative. Now married to Kiwi comedian Madeleine Sami and mother to their 1-year-old daughter, Pip shared this image from her childhood with the caption “me wanting to be a punk when I was 10 years old!”

Beauden Barrett. OK, granted, it’s not a photo of him as a child, but we couldn’t resist sharing this image of Beauden Barrett again. All of 19 and posing for a charity calendar, he’s certainly come a long way in the heartthrob department. Some photos are just too good not to share and share again. Read the full story behind the photo here.

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