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Taika Waititi living his best life at the Golden Globes

Just a week after catching an international fruit bandit, Taika represented our nation admirably at the Golden Globes.

Just about a year after brushing shoulders with my mum in SPQR on Ponsonby road, Taika Waititi has been spotted brushing shoulders with all our favourite stars at the Golden Globes.
Taika dressed to the theme of the night, sporting a black suit that would make Batman call his tailor and a Time's Up badge calling for the end of discrimination and harassment in Hollywood.
The 2017 New Zealander of the year and director of Boy and What We Do in the Shadows did us proud, showing his support for a good cause and looking pretty cool too.
Taika Waititi symbolically claiming an Australian icon for his country on a Pavlova background at The 75th Golden Globes.
Taika walked the carpet with Chris Hemsworth, the star of his recent film Thor: Ragnarok which he directed and starred as the Kiwi-accented rock-alien "Korg". It was noted that the Wellingtonian smiled extra-wide as he put his hand on (formerly Australian) Hemsworth's shoulder to claim him as New Zealand's own.
Taika, who Ryan Reynolds once called an "international treasure"](Taika Waititi**, sat with Chris (the middle the Hemsworth brother) for the awards ceremony. They were joined by Hollywood legend Angelina Jolie - surely theirs was the most beautiful table in the room. He was also seen chatting with Sam Rockwell and Leslie Bibb, potentially seeing if they were worth claiming as well.

This is the first major event Taika has been spotted at since his recent, heroic run in with "crooked Hilary Swanky" - an international apple thief Taika caught at a New Zealand airport. He was also seen claiming Edgar Wright, English director of such films as Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz as New Zealand's own at the GQ Men of the Year party on December 7, 2017.
After a great night of Trans-Tasman friendship, we eagerly await the return of Taika and Chris to our shores as well as Chris' first statement as a Kiwi.
*These events may have been exaggerated to make them funny
Taika with Chris Hemsworth, Sam Rockwell and Leslie Bibb.