Matilda Green celebrates her first birthday as a mum

Baby, brunch, done. Sounds like a success to us!

Birthdays can be fairly low-key affairs for new parents.

When it takes so long just to pack everything you need to get out of the house with a new baby it can feel easier to stay home and hope for a more fun celebration next year.

But Matilda Green was having none of that.

The new mum to Milo, seven weeks, celebrated her first birthday as a parent this week and made sure EVERYBODY in the house got dressed up to go out for brunch to celebrate with her.

Even baby Milo.

So out of the onesie he went.

Matilda looked fresh and radiant in a simple orange dress from ASOS and Art scrubbed up in a light grey jumper and jeans.

The trio enjoyed brunch at The Farmers Daughter in Omaha.

Both mum and dad took to social media to share the moment, with Matilda posting on Instagram, “It’s my birthdaaaaay! So I insisted we all get dressed up and go out for brunch. Including Milo. So obviously had to get photographic evidence #notaonesieforonce”

Meanwhile, Art grammed, “Just love this little guy. Out for brunch for @matootles birthday.”

They’re doing that thing all new parents do, where they both get a photo of themselves with the baby but forget to get one together.

We thought we were the only ones who noticed until we saw Lily McManus’ cheeky comment on Art’s Insta page, “Do y’all do like alternating photo shoots where one holds the baby and the other one creative directs?”

Art was quick to shoot back, “Obviously. That’s actually the only reason we hang out with each other” to which Lily quipped, “parenthood sounds wild”.

Matilda gave birth to wee Milo on September 4th in a planned home birth.

Since wee Milo’s arrival Matilda and Art have shared many of their parenting firsts on social media, including their first family outing and Art’s very special poonami experience.

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