The hilarious moment Art Green had with his son that every parent will relate to

We'd call it the calm before the storm!

The thing about looking after newborn babies is that peaceful, picture-perfect moments can often be followed by ones full of calamity.

And so it was for new dad Art Green when he took a selfie of himself with his new son Milo lying blissfully on his chest.

“Morning cuddles with my favourite little monk,” he captioned the cute image – and his Instagram audience would have all thought ‘aww’.

But his next sentence tells that the serenity was quickly disrupted and all we can do is laugh:

“About 30 seconds after this photo he shat so much it exploded out the side of his nappy all over me, so that was fun.

“Happy Monday,” Art joked.

Wee Milo was born on September 4 in a planned home birth, and since then his celebrity parents, Art and Matilda Green, have shared a number of adorable family moments on social media, including ‘family nap time’ and the trio’s first outing as a family.

Matilda and Art have both been upfront about the challenges of adjusting to life with a newborn, with Art revealing in one Instagram post that he was “slowly getting used to the broken sleep that comes with parenthood”.

Matilda, meanwhile, has shared that she’s now leaving the house “prepared for every scenario”.

Of course, nothing can prepare you for the force of nature that is a baby’s poonami. But at least it’s nothing a hot shower can’t fix.

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