Matilda Green takes a shot at those who criticised her about having a home birth

In characteristic Matilda Green style, she focused on thanking those who had sent messages of support, saying, "There are far more kind people in the world than otherwise."

Matilda Green has shot back at a “South Auckland doctor” who criticised her for having a home birth.

The new mother, who gave birth to her and husband Art Green’s baby boy Milo last week in her lounge at home “as hoped and planned”, took to social media to make her point – at the same time thanking the vast majority of other New Zealanders who were happy for her and Art, and who had sent well wishes and messages of congratulations.

On Instagram Matilda shared a photo of a sleeping Milo, with the caption: “One week old today ❤️ I haven’t replied to every message, but just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone that has taken the time to send a nice message or leave a nice comment, we really appreciate it.

“Especially after that horrid news article, it’s nice to be reminded that there are far more kind people in the world than otherwise.”

The horrid news article she is referring to was a piece written by a “South Auckland doctor” that was published by New Zealand’s national newspaper last week – it has since been taken down. The piece criticised the “risky” nature of home births and also labelled the reality TV couple as “irresponsible” for promoting the birth on social media.

The New Zealand College of Midwives have since responded to the article, saying, “The comment from an anonymous doctor… does not give an accurate view of the evidence on this option for birth in New Zealand and needs to be challenged on a number of points.

“In New Zealand, planned home birth with professional support from a registered midwife is an option that is both publicly funded and promoted by the Ministry of Health.

“Home birth is a safe choice for many women. Women who have home births use less pain relief and have fewer caesarean sections and forceps than women who give birth in hospital.”

According to the latest Ministry of Health Report on Maternity, nearly 2000 women gave birth at home in 2017.

The College of Midwives continued, “There is a growing body of evidence related to planned home birth compared to planned hospital birth, including a systematic review of 28 eligible studies in which the authors concluded that high-quality evidence around low-risk pregnancies showed that where women had their baby had no statistically significant impact on infant mortality.

“In fact they said there was less chance of maternal morbidity (illness or injury) and obstetric intervention (including forceps, c-section and so on) for well women outside a hospital, and they supported increasing the number of birth centre and home birth options for women with low-risk pregnancies.

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Matilda and Art Green announced the happy arrival of their baby son Milo over the weekend. Milo was born last week at the couple’s Warkworth home, with Matilda’s midwife present. Art was even able to deliver Milo.

He joked afterwards that “they are slippery little octopuses when they come out.”

In clear awe of his wife, he said of Matilda: “She was incredible, using breathing techniques to remain calm and strong throughout.”

Matilda described Milo’s birth as “the most incredible experience of my entire life”.

Earlier this week Art also took to social media to share an image of baby Milo. Followers responded in support of the couple, sharing their dismay at the criticism the couple had received about opting for a home birth.

“So beautiful!!,” one supporter wrote. “Social media and main stream ‘media news’ can be so harsh and judgemental. It may have you both thinking twice about what you post in the future.

“But just remember, you have so many followers that love seeing your life, laugh with you, smile at your memories and support your decision to post whatever you want. Stay strong and don’t let these bullies change you in any way, especially while you’re sleep deprived 😂 all the very best to you and your family and can’t wait to see more beautiful pictures of Milo growing up xx”

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