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Viewers inspired by First Dates’ terminally ill contestant

This brought tears to our eyes.
Annie terminally ill First Dates

Annie terminally ill First Dates

Fans of dating reality show First Dates have been sharing their support for one particular contestant – who wowed the world with her positivity in the face of illness.

37-year-old Annie from Surrey, England, appeared on the UK version of the show on Monday night.

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During her first date with builder Barry, 40, Annie bravely admitted that she is in fact “not very well.”

“I’m actually dying. Slowly but surely. I’ve got incurable cancer,” she told her dinner date.

But what happened next is what got viewers talking.

“I’m fine about it,” she said. “It’s just one of those things that happen in life. I could be here for a long time but I might not be.

“All it does is keep things in perspective.”

Barry, who is from Bristol, was taken aback by Annie’s admission, telling her: “That’s got me a little bit, I’m completely bowled over by your positive attitude.”

But Annie remained resolute.

“You’ve got to get on with it, haven’t you?” she said.

The 37-year-old also revealed she is working her way through her bucket list, something that led viewers to call her “an inspiration.”

On Twitter, users were quick to commend Annie’s strong outlook, writing; “Annie deserves all the happiness in the world,” and that they were “heartbroken” for her.

In her piece to camera, Annie said: “You want to sit down and say just so you know, I’ve got fake tits, I have to take a few drugs and basically I’m dying…Great, I’ve scared the living s*** out of them.”

Following their date, Annie said that sadly Barry wasn’t quite the one for her, but told him he’s “spot on.”

Barry, who admitted he was “gutted” Annie didn’t want to date him, said he had been uplifted by her story.

The pair have vowed to remain friends, and Barry intends to take Annie to a motorbike festival after her next round of chemo.

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