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Why our politicians won’t stop talking about pizza

Our leaders seem to have just one thing on their mind right now.

There’s something cooking in New Zealand politics.

With just over five months to go until the general election, some of our leading politicians seem to have just one thing on their minds – pizza.

Prime Minister Bill English took to social media this week to share a photo proving that, even though he runs the country, he’s not too busy to cook dinner for his kids.

“Cooked dinner for the family last night – like if you agree with tinned spaghetti on pizza!,” he wrote alongside a rather proud-looking photo of his culinary creations.

The leader of the country has since been blasted by food-lovers the world over for his choice of toppings.

“I might vote Labour now Bill. This is like shitting on Italy,” Liam Stretch wrote alongside the pic.

Andrea Manni shared: “Bill please do not cook…I like you but spaghetti never go on a pizza. Contact me in private for free cooking lessons about Italian food ;)”

While it hasn’t been confirmed, some think this pizza pic is in response to the Labour Party leaders going public with their own foodie preferences.

Jacinda Ardern and Andrew Little joking about pizza. Image: *New Zealand Woman’s Weekly

“We have these great conversations, many of them about pineapple on pizza,” leader Andrew Little told New Zealand Woman’s Weekly this week. “I’m deeply opposed to it because it makes the pastry soggy and, honestly, would Italians really put pineapple on pizza? [Deputy leader] Jacinda [Ardern] definitely backs her leader on this matter.”

In fact, as Ardern told the magazine, she made an anti-Hawaiian pizza post on social media recently – before making a cheeky dig at the Prime Minister

“I lost and won votes on that day.

“Apparently Bill English likes pineapple on everything.”

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