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The most heartwarming stories of 2017

These moments are guaranteed to restore your faith in humanity and give you warm fuzzies.
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Between horrific terror attacks, the effects of climate change and a Hollywood cesspit of predators and sexual abusers, history probably won’t be kind to 2017.

But what’s amazing about us homo sapiens is that you don’t have to look very far to see beautiful acts human kindness and heartwarming moments.

We had an abundance of cute stories in 2017. Of course we all cried laughing at the viral ‘BBC Dad’ but what other gems can you remember?

Here are the stories that brought tears to our eyes or huge smiles to our faces…

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This dapper uncle’s outfit choice for meeting his new niece.

In January, Iris Kessler tweeted a picture of her brother Grant in a maternity ward waiting to meet their new niece. The young man looked incredibly dapper, dressed up to the nines with a tie clip and pocket square. Hilariously when Iris asked him why he was in a suit he said it was because “first impressions matter”.

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Unfortunately for Grant, baby Carter had her eyes shut when they met!

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Devoted husband learns how to apply makeup for his blind wife.

Brian’s wife, Jean, is slowly going blind and needs more and more help with her everyday tasks, like putting on makeup. That’s why Brian decided to step in and learn how to apply her makeup, with help from the staff at a local cosmetics store. Twitter user Scott Summers posted a now-viral tweet of the couple at a makeup store. “I could actually cry! Relationship goals 😭❤️,” he captioned the tweet.

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Lucky Adele fan.

During her concert in Auckland at the start of this year, Adele stopped her show to announce she had left a handwritten letter under a fans seat. Jazmine Nixon received the letter and her husband posted the sweetest photo to Instagram!

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Prime Minister’s niece makes a Christmas card for the Queen.

Jacinda Ardern’s adorable neice Rosie helped create a very sweet Christmas card for the Queen this year. The front of the card read “Meri Kirihimete” and was coloured in by the 3-year-old also. Too cute!

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Married at First Sight success story.

Brett and Angel – enough said really! The madly-in-love newlyweds who were married at first sight, have stole the nations hearts with their successful love story. We can’t get enough of these lovebirds!

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Caring policeman.

Queue the tears! This incredible Waikato cop helped care for a dog after a very serious car accident. The cop sat and comforted the dog saying “you’re okay.”

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Nancy Cartwright blows teenager’s mind when he realises she’s the voice of Bart Simpson.

Cartwright shocked 13-year-old James when she went into full-blown Bart mode. The video below is sure to make you smile!

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7-year-old girl sends “Google boss” job application, gets a response.

7-year-old Chloe Bridgewater was determined to procure a position at the coveted Silicon Valley headquarters. Speaking with Business Insider, Chloe’s father Andy explained that he encourage his little ankle biter to “get the ball rolling” and send a letter to the tech company to see if any suitable jobs were available.

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…And she got a response! Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, swiftly replied and offered some sage advice: “I think if you keep working hard and following your dreams, you can accomplish everything you set your mind to ― from working at Google to swimming in the Olympics,” he wrote.

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Amazing teacher has a personalised handshake for each student.

Another contender for teacher of the year. US teacher Barry White Jr. made headlines the world over after a video of his amazing before-class ritual went viral. He has created a distinct and well-choreographed secret handshake with each of his 42 (!!) students.

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Toddler interrupts live BBC Interview, swiftly goes viral.

Feel-good story of the year! Professor Robert E. Kelley, a political science professor, delighted the whole world when his live BBC broadcast was spectacularly interrupted. Professor Kelly was in the middle of talking about relations between North Korea and South Korea when his toddler daughter bursts into the room, followed by her baby sibling in a roll-y walker, then her stressed-out mother. Re-watch the viral video below.

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Miracle baby despite the odds.

Juliana Moore, who battled breast cancer throughout her pregnancy with baby Mia and continues to fight it, was over the moon to welcome her miracle baby girl.

“My biggest dream was to be a mum and that was almost taken away…No matter how tired I am, I will never complain. Every day I have with Peter [her husband] and Mia is a blessing.”

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