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New theory in Madeline McCann case 10 years after she went missing

The new version of events comes from a former detective.

Nearly a decade after she went missing while on holiday in Portugal, a new theory has been raised over Madeline McCann’s disappearance.

Investigative journalist and former police detective Mark Williams-Thomas, who has been reporting on the case since the three-year-old went missing from the Algarve resort in May 2007, recently went on UK television to present his version of what might have happened.

“It’s such a well trodden story by so many and such a difficult story to tell now because there are so many legal implications,” he explained on This Morning.

“On that morning of Madeline’s disappearance, we do know she went to [her parents] Gerry and Kate and said: ‘Where were you last night?’” he explained.

“Because we know the twins did wake up on days prior to her disappearance.

“And I think as a result of that, Madeline was clearly aware they were in the tapas bar that was in the resort.

“Now the interesting element in that is in order to get to the tapas bar you had to actually come out of the premises, walk on a public road to go back in again.

“And that raises a concern I have in regards I have to Madeleine. I believe she woke up in the middle of the night, she went looking for Gerry and Kate and she left the apartment and went out.

“Because we know the patio door at the back was insecure.”

“Legally we have to leave it there,” host Phillip Schofield explained to viewers.

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Madeline McCann went missing one evening during a family holiday to the Portugal resort, while her parents, Kate and Gerry McCann ate at a nearby restaurant.

They took turns to check on the children at regular intervals before Madeline was noticed missing at around 10pm.

Detectives from Portugal and the UK have worked for years to solve the case, exploring the theory the wee girl was taken by pedophiles, or murdered during a burglary-gone-wrong.

The McCann’s recently lost their fight to stop a former Portuguese police officer from releasing a book about the case, in which he claims they were behind their child’s disappearance.

Her parents have never given up hope their little girl is still alive. Madeline would now be 14.

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