The unlikely question that Jacinda Ardern and these Kiwi celebrities gave really thoughtful answers to

Ask a silly question, get a fascinating answer.
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Kiwi celebrities get asked a lot of interesting questions but we were curious to find out what would happen if they were asked a silly one.

So we asked 12 well-known New Zealanders: ‘If you were a tree what would you be?’ – and were surprised when they gave some really interesting, well-considered answers…

We put the question to: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, celebrity chefs Annabelle White, Nadia Lim and Peta Mathias, TV journalists/presenters/broadcasters Kanoa Lloyd, Amanda Gillies, Renee Wright, John Campbell, Duncan Garner and Mike McRoberts, documentary maker and TV personality Jude Dobson and Kiwi actress Claire Chitham – and discovered that every one of us can identify with a tree if we’re asked to.

Jude Dobson and Jacinda Ardern are both clear examples of people who consider themselves to be useful people. Nadia Lim is adorably indecisive.

And the men? Well, their answers gave us some interesting insights into how they view themselves.

This was a fascinating project! See for yourselves in the video, above.

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