Mike McRoberts interviews his mum and her response to 'am I your favourite?' is priceless

The secret pact they made to get him to eat his veggies was also pretty cute!

We're used to seeing Mike McRoberts ask the hard questions. The Newshub presenter and journalist has reported from war zones all over the world and covered some of New Zealand's darkest days, including the March 15 mosque attacks in his home town of Christchurch.
But what's he like when his interview subject is his mum?
In the most adorable interview we've seen him conduct yet, Mike sits down with his mum Lynda Wilkinson to ask her a few home truths - the important stuff a son asks his mum, like 'am I your favourite?' and 'what was I really like as a teen?'
Lynda's responses are thoughtful and carefully considered and we now know one thing, for sure.
We can see where Mike gets his diplomacy from!
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