Expert QA

Model agency interviews – make-up or not?

I’ve got a model agency interview coming up and I’m not sure about what make-up and clothes I should wear – or if I should wear make-up at all.


With regards to your clothes, wear simple classic pieces that flatter your body shape. Try on a few outfits at home beforehand and get to know which one you feel most comfortable in. Avoid wearing clothes that are too revealing, that have a busy pattern or that could be considered overpowering.

For your make-up, go for the natural look – nude colours and toning to accentuate your best features. A slick of lip gloss, a smear of eyeshadow, a brush of mascara and a light foundation are all you need to get glowing.

Do NoT disguise your skin with an overload of foundation or apply a brightly coloured eyeshadow! Remember the rest of the package too – ensure your hair and nails are clean and well groomed, and that the skin on your arms and legs isn’t dry.

Finally, dab on a light fragrance to give a good impression.

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