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Week thirty two – April Ieremia’s weight loss diary

Losing weight can be hard. Losing a lot of weight is a colossal battle.

With its ebbs and flows, it’s hard to say whether starting this journey or finishing it is harder.

Before I started, many years of procrastination had led to limp efforts of running and token diets, all of which usually lasted a month.

That is until the Weekly said, “How about it?”

I can honestly say the rewards are worth it, but the effort required to finish is mammoth.

It’s now December and the last month of the year gets crazy with festivities. There’s something on almost every night.

I’m in the last stage of this weight-loss journey, heading for the golden 70kg mark, and the mental stealth needed to stay on track is enormous.

I thought when I got to 75kg I would be standing at the top of the mountain breathing the fresh air of success, ready to just roll down the hill.

Instead, it feels as if I’m standing at a ridge below ot Everest, wondering how I’m going to get there.

While I’m headed in the right direction, the motivation to keep going is fading.

I look the best I have ever looked at any Christmas in my life. I’m wearing everything in my wardrobe and feel fabulous. What’s the point of going further?

The point is to cross the finish line, but also to remove the fat deposits from my thighs that I’m still unhappy with.

This week, I put in a big effort of circuit training and running in the morning followed by bikraming at night. I feel really tired, but I lost 2kg to weigh in at 73.1kg.

Also this week, to further my quest for healthy living, I did an allergy test to see what upsets my system. The results were very interesting.

on a food level, it highlighted quite a lot of things that I love or enjoy.

Some that I would never have questioned weren’t doing me any favours, such as milk, cheese, coffee, coconut, white wine and chocolate.

In a way I’m glad to hear chocolate isn’t a good friend because it will make it easier for me to avoid it if I see it in the supermarket.

For everyone who has journeyed with me on the Facebook page, thank you. It’s been tough, but I take my hat off to all of you for putting in the hard yards.

The support you have shown me and each other is brilliant and I know some of you have made good friendships as a result.

I hope you’ve also been rewarded with a svelte new body for summer and healthier eating habits to last a lifetime.

The thought of not being uncomfortable in the summer heat or unable to swim because I’m self-conscious is a godsend in itself.

I am not quite at the 70kg mark, so I’m going to dig deep, work harder and see if I can knock it off for Christmas. That will be my present to myself.

A note from Scott Cottier

Summer is upon us, where the festivities never seem to end. I’m by no means a square peg and I won’t tell you to stay clear of all bad foods and alcohol, because it would be unrealistic.

However, I’m worried about the amount of effort you have all put in to be where you are now – to let it all go at this point could be detrimental and lead to a vicious cycle you may never get out of.

What you need to strive for is constant fitness, moderation in drinking, disciplined choices with the food you eat and drinking more water than normal.

The body takes an average of approximately three days to rid itself of all alcoholic toxins. So, instead of getting yourself into those states and then waste three days trying to get back to where you left off, set a realistic target of how much you will drink each night and stop once you get there.

Just remember the quicker you drink at the start, the faster your inhibitions will go, which affects your judgement-making abilities.

Happy training, everyone.


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