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In the interests of maintaining good eyesight, there are some symptoms or strange occurrences which you simply must not ignore. Consult an optometrist if you experience any of the following:

  • When lots of black dots suddenly appear in your vision, it could mean you have a vitreous detachment, when the gel-like substance in the eye suddenly pulls away from the inner back lining of the eye. This condition alone isn’t too serious, but it could lead to a serious retinal detachment and permanent vision loss if not treated.

  • If red, irritated eyes are becoming a fact of life, get them checked out, as ongoing infection can also lead to serious visual impairment.

  • Loss of side or central vision can suggest a gradual degeneration caused by glaucoma or optic atrophy and should be diagnosed and treated.

  • Sudden strange symptoms such as blurriness, inability to tolerate light and loss of colours may signal a serious problem and should lead you immediately to your optometrist.

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