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DIY desk massage

A great way to combat ooS (occupational overuse Syndrome) is to take breaks during your working day. Try this mini-workout to relieve neck tension and give yourself an energy boost in the office.

  • Stressbuster 1: Rest your elbows on your desk and place your fingers at the back of your neck. Work the pads of your fingers up and down either side of spine, rotating them in small circles down the length of your neck.

  • Stressbuster 2: Place one of your hands on the opposite shoulder and the other hand on your desk. Tilt your head away from the shoulder you’re holding, then squeeze the muscle between your fingers and the heel of your hand, moving from the base of your neck to the edge of your shoulder.

  • Stressbuster 3: Follow the instructions for Stressbuster 2 but place your fingers directly on the top of your shoulder muscle and knead in circles along its full length.

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