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Break the habit!

Want to stop snacking, smoking, or biting your nails? Try these five top habit-breaking tips:

  1. Understand how bad habits take hold – and that they can be broken. Cross your arms in front of you, then cross them with the opposite arm on top. Does it feel strange? That’s because the other way is a habit. But if you concentrate, you can change the way you fold your arms every time and soon that’ll feel perfectly natural too. 2. Understanding why you do something makes it much easier to change. Think back. Did you pick up your life-long smoking habit from your chain-smoking parents? or were you trying to fit in with the “in” crowd in school? 3. Is this habit making you happy? Breaking a habit is easier once you see how it affects your life in a negative way. 4. Rather than erase the memory of an old habit, make a new one a higher priority. Do you want to improve your health (and your skin) by stopping smoking or eating better? 5. Come up with a positive statement that supports rather than sabotages you. For example, replace a negative thought such as, “I’m never going to lose weight” with “When I choose to eat healthy food, I lose weight naturally.”

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