Mike McRoberts’ steamiest moments on Dancing With The Stars

Well and truly earning the nickname McSteamy.
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Whether you enjoyed his dance moves or not, Mike McRoberts’ elimination from Dancing with the Stars this week came as a bit of a shock.

Many had expected him to go further in the competition. In his final dance he achieved his highest score ever. But the judges were split, and after a dance off with William Wairua, Mike’s journey ended.

The popular newsreader loved his experience on the show and enjoyed stepping out of his comfort zone. “It’s exciting and a little terrifying, he said “but I’ve always loved dancing and have never done it before formally, so the opportunity to learn how has been amazing.”

He perfected that blue steel look and spent hours in training with dance partner Kristie Williams getting his steps down pat. But it wasn’t his feet that everyone was paying attention to – it was his washboard abs.

The 53-year-old admitted he found the nation’s new obsession with his fit figure a strange turn. “It’s just crazy. I think I’ll just carry on doing the news and the abs can go off and do their own thing. Maybe their own show?” he quipped.

His Newshub co-anchor Samantha Hayes was impressed with his dancing ability. But her biggest piece of advice to him was ignored from the get-go, as she told Woman’s Day.

Sam advised the fitness fanatic to “keep it classy for as long as possible,” suggesting he save the reveal of his impressive physique until the end, when he’s “really desperate for votes”.

Too late. He was pictured in promotional material for the show in a bedazzled bolero with his chiselled and oiled torso on full display.

In honour of Mike’s time on Dancing with the Stars – and those impressive abs – we’ve rounded up his steamiest moments on the show.

You can watch the video in the player above. And remember – next time he’s in work mode, stoically delivering the news to the nation – that hiding under his shiny suit is the physique a man half his age would be proud of.

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