Carol-Ann Hanna on why the men are dominating in this season of Dancing With The Stars

Mike McRoberts was the first male competitor to be eliminated - and we're in week five, she points out.
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Week Five and the first male competitor to be eliminated, Mike McRoberts.

When I saw Mike and Willie in the bottom two I was shocked, but this is 50 per cent about who the viewers want to tune in and watch each week and sometimes that comes at a cost of good dancers!

Mike was clearly disappointed to be leaving the show and I heard him on The Rock [radio show] this morning with Kristie and he really enjoyed being on the show, said he would do it again in a flash. He had been surprised at the hours of preparation and how challenging it was.

I do remember him on the radio before the show started, saying that he may be the only one who didn’t lose any weight given he was already so fit, however I think he may have got a shock at just exactly what goes into getting that performance to the floor each week!

I loved how Kristie thanked Three for partnering her with Mike. Unless you are involved in a show like this you wouldn’t appreciate exactly what goes into it, but there are so many people behind the scenes – too many to mention here.

I recently posted a short video on my Instagram of the truck that sits outside the studio where they have a complete set-up inside the truck where they direct all the cameras to get the best shots of the performances. This is something quite impressive to watch and this is just a snippet of what they do all weekend, from the people who manage the timetable and make sure the dancers and stars are in their make-up, hair, tan, osteo appointments on time, ready for their rehearsal and that lunch is on time, through to the producers who are on the sidelines at showtime making sure the programme runs smoothly. It’s quite an operation, so it was lovely to hear her acknowledge them.

Laura and Shae perform a top-scoring jive.

This year the strength of the male competitors is the best I’ve ever seen. There is some hard work going in this year and I know that they will be doing long hours and that these hours will be increasing as the weeks go on.

The ladies are stepping it up too, though. I smiled all the way through Laura’s jive last night. It was energetic, fun and she did a fantastic job, and Shae once again produced an excellent, and pretty difficult routine. She must have worked pretty hard to get that done in the time they had, along with doing her own comedy show last week. She was rewarded for her hard work and commitment with three 9s from the judges.

I even got a text from Rog (Carol-Ann’s partner from last year’s series) after the performance saying, “Wow that was a pretty good jive!”

Randell gets his shirt off again in week five of DWTS.

Randell delivered another good performance, I couldn’t help looking at him thinking how much he looked like George Michael and I was sure he would come out to a Wham number!

I still think he’s a final contender but the others are catching up! K’Lee is getting better and better every week and she looked surprised that she was safe last night. I wasn’t surprised at all.

I’m going to head out to the dance studio this week and visit the couples to see how things are going for them now that the competition is getting tough. They are seeing their mates disappear by the week and elimination is real; I’ll see how the injuries and illnesses are going too and get a peek into what to expect next week.

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