Mike McRoberts turns to his mum for support after his disappointing elimination from Dancing With The Stars

Just like a little boy again!
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A crestfallen Mike McRoberts joked that he would get his mum to tuck him into bed and tell him a bedtime story after he was eliminated from Dancing With The Stars last night.

The Newshub presenter’s mum, Lynda Wilkinson, was in the audience showing her support in a #TeamMike t-shirt, and Mike admitted to Sharyn Casey as he waited for the judge’s scores that he’d been nervous about his mum watching him dance, and had “fluffed a couple of steps”.

Mike scored his highest score yet, 19, with a tango to the soundtrack Sweet Dreams.

But judge Julz Tocker said his performance was more of a nightmare, sparking a heated debate between himself and fellow judge Rachael White, who said it was Mike’s best performance yet.

Despite Rachael’s praise, Mike and dance partner Kristie Williams found themselves in the bottom two and Mike was eliminated after losing the dance-off against William and Amelia.

“We’ve both [Mike and Kristie] had an amazing experience,” Mike said of his elimination, “and my mum’s here tonight so she can tuck me in later on and tell me a nice story.”

In the latest issue of The Australian Women’s Weekly, Mike opens up about his close relationship with Lynda and the difficult time they went through as a family when Lynda was diagnosed with a benign tumour almost on the brain that had been affecting her hearing for more than a year.

We also learn that Lynda is extremely proud of her son – so proud she’s been known to “go after people who trash-talk her son on social media”, the story reveals.

We can’t help but wonder, then, if Lynda wanted to “go after” Julz last night, after his uncharitable comments about her son!

In the video above we see Mike and Lynda during his elimination. In the video, below, Mike asks his mum if he’s the favourite, in the most adorable interview we’ve seen this veteran broadcaster undertake.

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So now it’s back to the news for Mike, with no more worries about spray tans staining his shirts or glitter making its way to the Newshub news desk.

He told radio hosts today that the training for the show had been challenging, despite his base fitness as a marathon runner.

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