Married at First Sight’s Davina Rankin breaks her silence in tearful video

"It’s been traumatic," says the controversial contestant.
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After all but vanishing from social media following her “affair” with Married At First Sight contestant Dean Wells, Davina Rankin has finally broken her silence in a video on her YouTube channel.

“This has actually been really hard for me to talk about, so I figured my best option was to just switch off and disconnect from a world that I’m usually very connected to,” she tells the camera nervously.

“I’ve been copping a really large amount of hate and it’s not something I’m used to. To be honest, it really shook me. That’s why I’ve been distant and silent.”

Davina and her TV husband Ryan.

Struggling to hold back tears, Davina goes on to thank her friends, family and followers for their support in the wake of her and husband Ryan Gallagher’s exit from the show.

“It’s been a hard and traumatic experience for me,” she says, before talking about having hit rock bottom.

“It is so important…to have…support, and to have an army behind you. Especially when you feel like you’ve got nowhere else to go or if things feel like you’ve hit rock bottom.”

“I owe to you guys to dust myself off, stand up and just carry on.”

The rest of the almost 13 minute video below – titled ‘Breaking My Silence’ – gives fans an insight into what Davina has been up to over the past few weeks.

Davina’s heartfelt post comes just days after Dean revealed he was still in touch with the brunette.

“I’ve reached out to Davina,” he told TV Week. “I wanted to check on her and make sure she’s OK. I copped a lot of negative backlash from everything, so I know firsthand that it’s not easy.

“I care about Davina as a person, so I wanted to offer her support as a friend. I think people need to lay off her. It’s gone far enough.

“I wanted to reach out to her and let her know it was OK. But she’s tough, I think she’ll handle it”.

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