Why 2019’s Dancing with the Stars cast was so close – and who’s missing who now that it’s over

BFFs forever!

It’s barely been a week since Dancing With The Stars wrapped and some of its cast members are suffering serious withdrawal symptoms.

Celebrity chef Nadia Lim, who made it through to the semi-finals, took to social media this week to say she was “missing these guys already” – referring to her DWTS buddies. Her sentiments were quickly echoed by her fellow cast members.

“Yep good team!” said Jude Dobson, who had been excited to be dancing for “all the middle-aged women out there” but was unfortunately eliminated in week one.

“Heck yes! Missing the whole gang!” said former Olympic skier Anna Willcox, who gave some sizzling performances in the first few rounds with dance partner Brad Coleman.

“Many reunions to come,” replied Lim’s dance partner Aaron Gilmore, who challenged the judges about their comments at the semi-finals and declared he wanted to take one of their seats next year.

“Missing everyone!! except for the bolo @manuvatuvei ..” joked William Waiirua, who suggested the cast catch up for dinner.

“Miss yoooooouuuuu!!!” lamented former What Now presenter Carolyn Taylor, who carries the accolade of being told by DWTS judge Rachel White that she was the most glamorous among this season’s cast.

Laura Daniel’s dance partner Shae Mountain, in who Laura declared at the Grand Final that she had found a friend for life, said he missed everyone too.

Even DWTS judge Rachel White joined the conversation, saying, “Truly an amazing group – it was an honor to be a little part of your journeys and a true pleasure to watch from the best seat.”

This year’s cast is said to have been the closest the show has had, and Lim said she could understand why that claim has been made.

“I believe it too,” she said, “as I have made some amazing friends for life.”

Lim became particularly close with DWTS runner-up Lauren Daniel, and the gal pals plan to holiday together in Italy. Lim will be spending a few months in Italy with her family later this year and Daniel told Woman’s Day that she and her partner Joseph Moore would be joining the family for part of their stay.

DWTS winner Manu Vatuvei and finalist William Waiirua also became firm friends.

Manu told Now To Love that he was “very close to William”.

“I was just really happy he was still there [in the finals].”

The duo could often be tracked down by the sound of their laughter on set, and were often spotted joking around together during live shows, out of view of the TV cameras.

Manu laughs, “Whenever he gets in trouble he always throws me under the bus. We just laugh about it.”

DWTS finalist William Waiirua and winner Manu Vatuvei formed a close bond on the show too.

Last year’s winner Samantha Hayes revealed that she felt unexpectedly low after the series wrapped.

“I was in a real funk,” she told Woman’s Day.

“I missed the cast and the crew. You make all these deep friendships, but just like that, it’s over. I’ve since found out it’s a real thing – actors and musicians call it the post-show blues.”

Jess Quinn, who came third last year, said similar, telling Now To Love that she kept wanting to pick up the phone and text her dance partnerJonny Williams after the series’ end.

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2018 favourite David Seymour even took his dance partner Amelia McGregor on holiday to Hawaii after the show, and more than a year on, the pair, who are said to have at one stage become more than just friends, still keep in touch.

So it seems Dancing With The Stars withdrawal symptoms really are a thing.

“It’s quite bizarre being back to normal life after more than 12 weeks of being in the dance world,” Lim said.

She can at least take comfort in the fact she is not alone – and she has a cast dinner to look forward to organised by William Waiirua!

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